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    The cats used to raise cats in order to let cats catch mice and protect their homes peace. But now people raising cats basically like cats that cats can accompany themselves. The function attributes of cats have become pet properties. Not only do you not catch mice now, but he is particularly afraid of mice. What happened? In fact, this is not difficult to explain, there are about the following reasons.

    The first: Slowly domesticated
    The cats are semi -domesticated animals, but they are not completely domesticated, so they have a strong hunting ability in the wild. If you do not interfere with it, such as in Australia, it is already possible to suffer from wild cats, which will seriously endanger the ecological balance. If a cat is raised, its wildness will slowly decrease, and it will eventually become completely domesticated animals. Although most cats are not completely domesticated, family pet cats basically become completely domesticated animals. They are accustomed to eating when they are hungry, and they drink it when they are thirsty, so naturally they do n’t think so hard to catch the mouse. You know, wild cats are not willing to catch mice, just to fill their stomachs.
    : genetic modification
    The pet cats now have been artificially cultivated after more than ten years or even a century. Artificial intervention of cat's gene has made cats more in line with human aesthetics. In fact, at the moment when the cat's breeding was artificially intervened, the cat had changed a lot. To this day, some cats have become complete indoor cats and do not have any field survivability, such as hairless cats or puppet cats. In their genes, they do not catch this instinct of mice, and they need to be taken care of. Therefore, this part of the completely indoor cat varieties and varieties that have been intervened for a long time do not have the ability of wild cats, which is also normal.
    It, even wild cats do not take mice as a staple food. After all, there are many people who are currently in the wild, and there are many people to feed them. They are used to eating cat food or something. Human intervention changes cats in the invisible. Perhaps in the future, cats, like dogs, will become completely domesticated animals, maybe.

  2. Cats are slowly trained by humans, and wildness is not so strong. The change of genes, artificial intervention of cat's genes, has made cats become more in line with human aesthetics

  3. The current pet cats have enough food as soon as they are born. They don't need to find food to fill their stomachs. So they don't know they should catch mice

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