4 thoughts on “Recently, I want to buy a smart camera at home to see pets. Is there any good recommendation?”

  1. Care pets have become the main needs of many young people to buy cameras. When they go out, they can communicate in real -time communication through the camera.
    It this Skyworth Xiaoyi smart camera is recommended. The two -way design of dual motors can be used to flexibly control the device to rotate in the four directions in the upper and lower left and right directions. Although people are sitting in the office, they can also see which corner of the cat owner at home and what is doing at home, and it does not let it leave my sight. Moreover, the location of the location can also be marked with the place where the cat owner is avoided blindly.
    In addition, Skyworth Xiaoyi Smart Camera has 1080P high -definition picture quality microcomas full color blessing. The imaging can also monitor the cat owner's every move in the night. I feel healing.
    The camera also has Skyworth AI intelligent blessing, which can make the imaging clearer and realistic, accurately identify human -shaped alien motion and abnormal noise. Once there are emergencies such as thief invasion The safety of the home, guarding the cat owner and property safety, and at ease to work, you can also chat with the cat owner in real time through the voice call function, solve the stuffy, and check the beautiful life in the cloud storage. matter!

  2. The Wheel series smart cameras can learn about:
    The personally recommended and Mekomo C31PRO smart camera. This camera can automatically locate and rotate the lens to shoot according to the dynamics of pets, calling, etc., which is very fun!

  3. I started a time a while ago, and the Mekomo C31Pro. At the beginning, I didn't want to see what the pet was doing when I was not at home. After using it for a while, I felt really smart, especially the question and answer. The response was more sensitive.

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