4 thoughts on “In August, how should the catering industry borrow marketing?”

  1. The Mid -Autumn Festival arrived, and another drainage opportunity for restaurants came. Catering must do activities in the Mid -Autumn Festival, but it must not be ordinary activities such as low -cost drainage, because this does not attract precision customers. Most people just come to wool. So how do we use festivals like Mid -Autumn Festival?

    First of all, preheat preheating publicity store activities in advance, build momentum for the Mid -Autumn Festival, so that everyone within the shops around the store Know that you can promote on various platforms such as social, Douyin. It is best to introduce by the boss.
    Secondly, the most important thing for a good activity is the content. If the content is not attractive, it is difficult to make it more effective. For the reunion of the Mid -Autumn Festival, people call a family or a group of friends to go out for dinner, in order to be cheerful and lively. Therefore, the activity set up in the restaurant must have a sense of atmosphere and interest, but also gives customers a strong sense of participation.
    For example, you can prepare moon cakes of different flavors. Customers can get different discounts or different dishes when they eat different flavors of moon cakes. In this way, the customer interacts with the store. After getting happiness, he will take the initiative to take pictures and share it. this matter.

    Third, the customer helped you send the videos of Douyin, and you have to start considering how to lock the customer. For example, if you can play the video playback volume, what rewards can be received in a certain amount of playback. In short, it is to keep the traffic caused by the Mid -Autumn Festival activities to stimulate their secondary consumption. This is also an important purpose of our drainage activities.
    Fourth, the store must also shoot the video itself, and the editing is more delicate to prepare for the summary promotion after the event. Want to experience it in your shop. Catering drainage is a long line, and the store needs traffic all the time, so those who can use and grasp must be grasped.
    The last point is to control the cost of the material. It can be used multiple times in accordance with the festival atmosphere, so it must be preserved properly every time you use it. And do not need to be excessively arranged during decoration, or you should do force according to the actual situation. Then do a good job and earn these costs.

    The successful activity must be planned and preheated in the early stage. When the activity is implemented, the specific tasks must be refined to everyone. After the event, the remaining temperature must be used to do a good job of publicity and lock the passenger flow. After that, you can meet the final summary, find out the leakage and unsmooth implementation of the event, and improve it in time.
    In I wish all the bosses every day full of passenger flow. Pass more information. Without any legal liability, if there is any infringement, please contact them in time, we will delete it as soon as possible.

  2. The catering industry should create a sufficient atmosphere in its own store, so that many people can attract many people to hold family gatherings.

  3. The Mid -Autumn Festival package can be launched during the Mid -Autumn Festival, and a certain activity can be made to strengthen the promotion of your restaurant.

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