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  1. Introduction: There are friends everywhere in our lives, and friends who have friends in our lives have friends. Everyone chats in the group and hopes to have a loud and vivid group name, which is more convenient when looking for. So, what name is good for 2022 friends? What are the best friends in 2022? If you want a nice and special group chat name, let ’s take a look at my sharing.
    Pame group names 1
    2022 What name is good for friends. R n5, single nature reserve
    6, youth classmate road
    7, the president of the handsome guy association
    8, Ke Shao's innocent baby
    9, convergence ambition
    10, non -human research Central
    11, a group of wow mushrooms
    12, San Palace Six%Courtyard
    13, smiling slightly
    14, alliance Zhimeng League
    16, dreams, left on the grass
    17, Xiao Xianxian's Xianxianbao
    18, the descendants of spicy bars !!
    19, the gourd family
    20, cute Meng Zhi Yu
    21, the years of unruly years
    22, caring for single cows
    23, living high attitude,
    24, a dormitory four dogs
    25, your memories r r r r r r r r
    26, small elves exchange group
    27, the days you walked together
    28, war wolf eating chicken squadron n29, Page's tea party N friends group names 2
    31, laughing, everyone
    32, beautiful girl concentration camp
    33, a little pig Page's family
    34, a group of people with dung volume
    35 , To the precepts of the eighth, the pouring
    36, the fourth person group
    37, Shandong Lanxiang Technical School
    38, undercover in group chat
    39, Wang and his women r r r r r r r r
    40, the ancient god beast gathering place
    41, youth fed the homework
    42, a vine four melon
    43, five silly drama school
    44, pure, girl exchange center r
    45, mutual interoperability group
    46, four little swans that do not eat fat
    47, ultra -short group
    48, I miss the classmates of these six years N50, blessing and sharing, difficult to retreat group
    51, the highest value of the cosmic value
    52, group
    53, water curtain hole
    54, friendship high as mountains
    55, strolling
    56, running girlfriends
    57, fish pond breeding technology exchange group
    58, peaceful
    59, music soil
    60, travel to the universe
    friends group name 3
    2022 The best friend group name
    1, nicotine has у1N. 2
    2, Poor of the Nirvan Twilight
    3, gentle (presumably)
    4, __ play (yourself.
    5, gentle retreat
    6, 1 of 1, 1 piece
    7, 沾 n n
    8, entanglement
    9, simple waiting
    10, who killed romantic 珴
    11, stay in the next stage.
    1, human heart It is fickle
    13, Starlight 乀
    14 of the full house, the era of university (middle school)
    15, our snail
    16, passing by, the other side
    17, star Xi Xi
    18, the moment of coexistence
    19, friendship is beautiful
    20, a group of happy small two
    21, a smile in the old days
    22, the best friendly friendly friend Group
    23, wearing school uniforms to visit the bar
    24, the remaining temperature Tel
    25, infinite friendship
    26, → always friends
    27, ※ Class home home ※
    28, Youth Commemorative Book
    29, Gao 19 Class Anti -School Alliance
    30, habit

    n32, Di 答 — —
    33, OH bitter laughter -
    34, who tells who once
    35, time, memories of not taking away R n37, the death of 3 High School
    38, the real love
    39, 涐扪 の 淰 淰 _/ -
    40, don't forget, once together
    41, yesterday's laughter’s laughter
    42, memory end
    43, ゞ On1y, classmates °
    44, unruly years
    45, memories like smoke like dreams
    46, like 儚辷
    47 , _ 、 、 手
    48, Guardian friendship to eternal
    49, [love is better than the sky]
    50, the world is close, the four seas are one heart
    51, the youth throwing together
    52 , Friendship in the sun
    53, youth 旳 hourglass
    54, Yi ° beautiful time
    55, Tan Tianye
    56, forever classmates
    57, の collection of love
    58 The memories are the past
    59, づ memories, outlined
    60, k, 〇o at the same table

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