2 thoughts on “How to activate the community atmosphere?”

  1. Method 1: Give the members of the group to change the blood

    Is in each group, there will be some members who have been lying on the corpse. Since the old members do not communicate, they must pull fresh blood to replace it.

    Due to the emergence of the Internet, the rhythm suddenly accelerated, and a group of young people after the 90s and 00s also emerged, and social marketing should also keep up with the footsteps of young people. The younger generation of thinking is agile and can quickly activate the atmosphere in the group. Therefore, the members of the group often update the group members to make the silent community re -enable.

    Method two: The reward mechanism activates group members

    members cannot benefit from the community, which is one of the reasons for the community to become sleeping groups.

    The easiest way to make members gain something in the group. Managers can regularly send red envelopes and gifts in the group. In addition, there is a vague reward mechanism, management, management, management, management After expressing their views, let the members of the group express their opinions, choose the best opinion, and give the proposal award for prizes or bonuses. This can make members actively participate in the discussion, and also obtain managers and members.

    Method 3: Internal members drive the rhythm of the community

    If the administrator sent a point of view, no one responds, then the internal members need to drive the topic.

    The content published first must be valuable. Only valuable content can be thoughtful. Then you must pull the trumpet into the group, so that the trumpet is the first to express the view to lead the rhythm of the group. Most members have a sense of distance to managers, but they feel the same for members of the same group. When they see someone expressing their opinions, they are willing to start the discussion. Essence

  2. 1. Carry out activities

    The main purpose of the community is to sell goods. The activity is the weapon that stimulates transformation. Therefore, at least 50% of the content planning in the group should be activity. To 80%. The activity products can be combined with the promotional gameplay provided by Youzan, spikes, and time -limited discounts to attract users to place orders.

    2, output content

    The output of the content can be two aspects: on the one hand, it is a dry goods sharing of merchants, and on the other hand, it is the co -creation of community fans. The content of self -produced by merchants is product -related dry goods knowledge. The main purpose is to enhance the professionalism and trust in the user's heart. It creates a professional image through professional knowledge output and maintains high -value customers.

    On the other hand, the content of the fans is created. Merchants can invite users to "sun -order" in the form of activities and interaction. For example, the user of the puzzle merchant group, or the user experienced by the award -winning user experience sharing, can be output in the group for secondary creation, endorsement for merchants and products, and it is often more credible for other users. powerful.

    3, the heat continues

    Im communication atmosphere and interaction can affect the popularity of the community. Operators need to have affinity. Interactive can choose interactive mini -games such as dice, answering questions, etc., and mobilize to mobilize The enthusiasm for users to participate.

    It also combines interaction with marketing. The rich functions of Weisheng · Enterprise Micro Butrs can effectively drive the community to pull new and repurchase.

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