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  1. You can log in to the headhunting website for consultation. The company now has its own corporate website, and the same is true for headhunters. For the people in the workplace, the website of login headhunting company is the best way to connect headhunters. People in the workplace can leave job information or interact topics on the headhunting website. They will have professional people to communicate with you.
    Im reminding that because there are more domestic headhunting industries, the information about headhunters is also full of the entire network. Therefore, people in the workplace are required to brighten their eyes and choose a reliable headhunting company.
    Mrending some headhunters, friends are not too much at any time. As a workplace, it is very beneficial to the future development of the headhunter. Whether you are looking for a job or an analysis of career planning, the headhunter can give you good suggestions.
    In opportunities are always left for those who are prepared. People in the workplace want to have good development opportunities to prepare at all times, and one of the ways to prepare is to connect with the headhunter.
    Extension information
    The service process of headhunter company
    . Preparation phase
    1, contact
    First of all, preliminary communication between headhunters of headhunting companies and customers to understand the preliminary customers' preliminary Recruitment needs, determine whether the positions that customers need need to operate through the headhunter. Preliminary introduction to the basic situation, charging standards, service processes and headhunter service advantages of the headhunting company.
    2. Communicate with each other
    The headhunter consultants will contact and fully communicate with customers to understand the details of customer companies, such as corporate culture, business conditions, organizational structure, development strategy, management style, etc. Customers need job compensation, work responsibilities, quality and skills requirements, and career development prospects. And a detailed explanation of the entrusted hunting and recruitment of enterprises with an enterprise.
    3, position evaluation and analysis
    After fully communicating with the customer; both parties have a very deep understanding of the headhunter. Easyness assessment, etc. to determine the difficulty and time of search, as well as the feasibility of the entire headhunter project.
    4. Signing
    In the completion of the above work, the headhunter hunter and the customer hunting project related to the fees and conditions to negotiate. After reaching an agreement, the two parties signed the contract.

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