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  1. Second -class e -commerce is a form of promotion of single -to -payment types, which is the extensive definition of second -class e -commerce. Since there are two types of e -commerce, there must be one type of e -commerce. Next, let's talk about the similarities and differences between these two types of e -commerce.
    Let's first look at the definition of the two. The extensive definition of a class of e -commerce refers to the form of online payment types, such as: Tmall, Taobao and Suning. Its operation process is to open a commodity store on major shopping platforms, go to the shelves through goods, customers place orders, online payment, signing and evaluation. The main promotion platforms for the second -class e -commerce are Baidu information flow, fast hands, headlines, wide -point, Sina Fuyi, Phoenix Fengyu, etc. Its operation process is to choose a merchant selection. Furniture receipt and payment (or refusal to return).
    It can be said: Two types of e -commerce are supplemented by first -class e -commerce. Speaking of e -commerce, we are more of a shopping platform for Pinduoduo and Taobao. These can be said to be shelf e -commerce (based on professional shopping e -commerce platforms). In today's era, various e -commerce models have developed rapidly. They are all promoted through the network platform, and then sell it off. Two types of e -commerce companies are much low -key than one type of e -commerce.
    The differences between the first -class e -commerce and second -class e -commerce are in payment methods, population and settlement methods. From the perspective of payment methods: The first type of e -commerce is online payment, and the second type of e -commerce is mostly carried on the payment; from the perspective of the applicable population: the second -class e -commerce customers are people who have not been covered by the first type of e -commerce. There is a greater risk of online payment; from the settlement method: the first type of e -commerce is settled with a third -party payment company, that is, online payment, and the second -class e -commerce company is settled through the courier logistics company.

  2. Different from the form of online payment, second -class e -commerce is a single product promotion method for goods and payment. For example, we know the wide -point passage, today's headlines, etc., by opening a account on the launching platform, and then promoting with a single page, the second is the second page, which is the second page, which is the second page. The process of e -commerce, the second -class e -commerce process is probably the production of single -product advertisements -Paid active promotion -customer order -customer signing -repayment.
    The two -type e -commerce form is a single page. What is a single page, which is only one page. There is no link to the page on the page. Users can buy it directly on this page. Method, then buy what color and size clothes, and submit it directly. The user does not have a shopping cart or a logistics tracking.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer, please waitnThe second -class e -commerce also known as information flow e -commerce. It refers to a merchant selling single products on high -quality advertising traffic on large traffic platforms. Sound, fast hands, circle of friends, etc.nSina Weibo: Sina Weibo's monthly active number reaches 313 million, and the age group is from 18 to 30 years. The main users account for 77.8%. More suitable for tourism, e -commerce, wedding photography, cosmetics and other industries. Baidu: 60%of users are 5-44 years old. The men and women are distributed evenly, and there are users of all ages. Baidu second -class e -commerce platform is suitable for industry tourism, e -commerce, finance, education, social, car, and games. Today's headlines: This second -class e -commerce company contains traffic resources and has more than 400 million users. It is currently a platform with large information and information flow. 78%of male users, mostly users 24-40 years old. Today's headline second-class e-commerce platforms are suitable for education, weddings, home, decoration, automobiles, fast-moving consumer, e-commerce and other industries. Sina Fuyi: The use of the population is mainly distributed at the age group of 24-39, and it is young and middle-aged, most of which are business people. This second -class e -commerce platform is suitable for APP promotion, games, e -commerce and other fields. Guangxian Tong: This second -class e -commerce platform includes many resources such as mobile phone Tencent, WeChat, QQ space, including Tencent News, Tencent Video, and Tiantian Express resources. It is relatively high for iOS users, which is suitable for large -scale volume of merchants, but the traffic is uneven. Douyin/Kuaishou: 85%of the post -90s users. Among these groups, the main proportion of men and women is relatively balanced in this part of the population, and more than 70%of the main core users come from first- and second -tier cities. The second -class e -commerce platform is suitable for games, e -commerce, tourism, education, finance, marriage, dating and other industries. The simple presentation of short videos, the combination of pictures, dynamic and sound, profound memory, and great influence. It is a partner that impacts the second -class e -commerce company to develop better and faster. Each platform has certain advantages, but the actual release effect also needs to be inseparable from the information such as the product and the related landing page.n1 morenBleak

  4. The second -class e -commerce company specifically refers to merchants selling single products on the mobile advertising platform to rely on high -quality advertising traffic to sell for single products. The overall supply chain model is to choose the order of the merchant-advertising platform-merchant delivery-buyers sign and pay.

  5. The model of opening online stores through the Internet platform is the first type of e -commerce; second -class e -commerce mainly uses a platform with relatively large traffic to promote product promotion, sells their products to users, and then users place orders through the landing page to order. Then, logistics distribution, second -class e -commerce
    is the most popular development model at present, and it is also one of the directions of future e -commerce.

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