Met the problem of professional employment direction

I have a professional engineering measurement. I ask what measures do I do after graduation? Is it a capital or engineering, bridge, or other measures? How much is the salary? During the internship

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  1. I think that if you plan to work in this area in this life, you must first lay your foundation. The best training ground for surveying and mapping is undoubtedly a pure testing unit such as surveying and mapping. At first you will feel the tiredness of surveying. But this is also necessary. Breaking his mind. Lay a solid foundation for future development.
    In general, the surveying and mapping are tired. Wages will not be too high.
    The project measurement, easy but not in other aspects, there is no future! Refer to my experience

    The experience: first internship in pure testing units such as the surveying and mapping institute for two or three years. , Very good to sharpen your foundation, solidly basic skills, master the main skills of surveying and mapping (map test (skilled all kinds of whole station instruments, basically do not read the instructions and use it), draw (skilled operating CASS and other map software such as drawing software , Various flat software, second -turtle construction library software, real estate surveying and mapping software, GPS measurement software, etc.), various level wire control, GPS measurement, GPS control network testing, so far, you can make a group, or even can even be a group, or even can even Take a few groups to do some small projects. During the period, your salary generally transitions from about 2500-6000, and there are various benefits (provided at least you have to be at least the unit of the unit). At this time, you can see that you can see You decide whether you continue to fight in the development prospects of the unit. You can continue to work for two or three years to get an intermediate title and then consider this problem.
    can also start paying attention to the engineering measurement of the construction unit. The measurement is much easier than the measurement of the surveying and mapping unit. And the measurement of the supervisor is generally above 6000. And the various skills you learned in the unit are Amitabha. It is too enough to technology in the construction unit.
    But don't think you can leisurely. Many construction units do not pay attention to the fact that the facts are not dispute during measurement. Therefore, if you still have higher requirements, you should go to the field to learn the various technologies of the construction technicians at this time. And internal information, wait for everything to learn. Those who are as long as you want to get started . As long as you work hard in this regard. Then you will be a young and promising general responsibility or the most powerful competitor of the project chief.

  2. Employment direction: Graduates are facing the design, construction, and organizational management of surveying, water conservancy, hydropower, urban construction, roads, bridges, industrial and civil buildings, and land management departments.

    The engineering measurement technology is a very comprehensive specialty. It has high requirements for measuring science, mathematics (such as flat determinants, minimum secondary methods, etc.). Development, the major put forward new requirements for both English and computer technology. The purpose is to cultivate high -skilled talents who have mastered basic theories and basic skills, and can engage in the frontline of various engineering measurement, cadastral measurement, management, and service. In addition to obtaining an academic certificate when graduating, students must also obtain at least one vocational skills appraisal certificate issued by the state.

    . Graduates should have the following skills
    1. Master the theoretical and methods of the design, cloth testing and data processing of the measurement control network;
    2. Master a large -scale terrain diagram testing and automation technology;
    3. Master the principles and methods of the installation measurement measurement of engineering construction and large precision equipment;
    4. Master the theoretical and methods of deformation observation and data processing;
    5. Master the basic knowledge of measurement of the management and engineering construction of production organization;
    6. It has the preliminary ability of scientific research and technology development.

    The core courses and certificates of engineering measurement technology are: digital terrain measurement, control measurement, survey and planning measurement, engineering construction measurement, engineering deformation monitoring, capital measurement, land management and GPS measurement.

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