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  1. First of all, there are some small places for repair ~ When washing the car, the easiest to encounter ~ Repairing the portfolio -seeking money ~ Customers think that it will come next time.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Answer The severity and harm of car collision will intensify with the increase in vehicle speed and the increase in car ownership. In the car collision accident, the most severe part of the body is the body, so the repair of the body's sheet metal spray paint is essential. After the reform of the insurance company's rates, there are fewer and less maintenance frequency of accident vehicles. Sheet spray is a low -frequency business, with high profits, low investment, low risks, and large markets. Popularity. Development and direction of automotive sheet spray body maintenance 1. Different domestic and foreign sheet spray markets are different due to the differences in domestic and foreign economic development, and the development of the sheet spray market is also very different. In North America, the vertical segmentation of the auto market is very complete, and sheet spray maintenance has become an independent industry. In addition, the resource allocation of sheet spray maintenance is also very reasonable. From the number of maintenance plants, it accounts for less than 1/10, which is matched with the resources of the insurance company. The sheet spray maintenance of scarce strategic resources is very high in standardization and protection requirements. For China's 4S stores, the service content with the largest loss rate is maintenance and sheet spray, and the main attack direction of chain fast repair and independent maintenance brands is It is also maintenance and sheet spray. The development and direction of automotive sheet spray body repair 2. The same point of the same point of the sheet spray market at home and abroad is that the main customers come from insurance companies. As a kind of service extension of the insurance company, no matter where, the sheet spray center should be an extension of the insurance company's service, providing safe and satisfactory maintenance to the owner. Rate. Development and direction of automobile sheet spray body maintenance 3. The future development trend of the sheet spray industry With the continuous increase of automobile preservation, the urban roads are becoming more and more obvious, and the incidence of traffic accidents will become higher and higher. The output value of sheet spray maintenance will also be further increased. Therefore, for such an important maintenance industry segment, whether it is the industry management department, the vehicle manufacturer's after -sales service department, and the sheet spray maintenance industry related manufacturers should have sufficient understanding and attention to the prospects of this market, and the standardized industry Standards and order, talent training, and energy conservation and environmental protection. Among them, the cultivation of talents is even more important. Increasing the professional training of the sheet spray industry can not only provide more maintenance talents for the industry, but also regulate the industry order, enhance the industry's service level, and strengthen the environmental protection awareness of industry employees.nThis requires you to be intelligent with you.nWhat does question meannWhat's the meaningnYou also answerednYou also answerednAnswer Hello, this market needs you to expandn5 morenBleak

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