How can lithium batteries be used correctly?

Now the position of the mobile phone in everyone's life is more important than eating and sleeping, so the mobile phone has to be charged when it is out of power. Although most of the current mobile phone batteries are lithium batteries, what are the real aspects of charging the mobile phone?

How to Charge Your Phone Properly

Today's smartphones almost all use lithium batteries. Many mobile phone users may have to charge them several times a day. Every time the battery is fully charged, it will cause a little degradation of the battery. Although most chargers now have the ability to judge that the battery is fully charged. The function of automatically stopping charging after charging, but there are still some chargers that do not have these functions. Therefore, it is best for machine friends to unplug the charger immediately before the battery is fully charged (such as 98%, 99%), or as soon as it is fully charged. Lose. Also, if you want to prolong battery life, it's best not to let the battery run out, or even drop below 20%.

If the battery continues to charge after it is fully charged, such as going to sleep after plugging in the charger, it will cause a slight decline in battery function, which will have a significant impact if accumulated over a long period of time. Some mobile phone enthusiasts are used to charging the battery after it is exhausted. This can only be done once a month at most. The ideal range is to maintain the battery power of the mobile phone at 40% to 80%.

In fact, lithium batteries are not afraid of charging, but of running out of power. How to say it? Many batteries have a so-called "charging management IC", so that the battery will not explode when charging, and will not explode due to running out of power. , causing the voltage to be too low to start the charging process. Therefore, if the lithium battery is dead and left without charging for a long time, it is likely that the battery will be scrapped early due to the low voltage. If the lithium battery is not used for a long time, it is best to keep 40% of the power.Also read:Lithium iron Phosphate Battery Manufacturers

The operating temperature is also a detail that machine enthusiasts tend to ignore. If the ambient temperature is too low or too high during use, it will cause permanent damage to the lithium battery. environment where the battery is used. For example, the Apple iPad will automatically disable the charging function when the temperature is low (less than 5 degrees). This design is to prevent the battery life and performance from being damaged when the lithium battery is charged in a low temperature environment. If some low-quality lithium batteries are charged in a low-temperature environment, it will directly cause damage to the battery cells or cause safety accidents.

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