cz jewelry wholesale market Where can I have no mortgage loan, only one or 20,000, urgent use?

cz jewelry wholesale market

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  1. wholesale inquiry jewelry If you need to apply for a small cash loan, China Merchants Bank has a Lightning Loan business. At present, you can apply or check whether you can get an application qualification through a mobile banking.

    1. After the Lightning loan is loan, cash will be issued in the designated account. The funds can only be used for normal consumption, transfer, and not investing in the stock market, real estate and other directions.

    2. If you hold the China Merchants Bank savings card, you can click "My → All → Borrowing Money → Lightning Loan" after you can log on to the mobile bank to apply for Lightning Loan. Your specific quota will be approved according to your business situation at the China Merchants Bank, and you can check it out successfully.

    3, the different quota regulations of Lightning Loan loans are also different. The maximum credit line is not more than 300,000, and the final display of the loan page shall prevail. If you have obtained Lightning Loan qualifications, you can log in to China Merchants Bank's mobile banking APP or online bank's "Lightning Loan" module to check your maximum application amount. Our integer times.

    4. There are two types of application for borrowing money within the Lightning loan quota:

    (1) automatic approval within 5-10 minutes in 15 minutes. After passing it, the loan immediately, and the SMS inform the result

    (2) T 1 daily lending T 1 day will call the call to verify, and the loan is arranged after confirming the information. If you do not answer it for 3 times, the application fails and you need to apply again.

    This Reminder: ① If there is no automatic loan in 5-10 minutes, normal is to wait for the phone to review. The approval progress cannot be directly inquired, and the specific approval results shall prevail.

    ② Lightning loan will have an orderly query record on credit reporting. If you are only successful, but not withdrawn: there will be no quota records in credit reporting; a loan record will only have a loan record in each withdrawal of each withdrawal.

    (Answer time: December 22, 2021, please refer to the official website of China Merchants Bank.)

    This reminder: If you have any questions in the future, please contact China Merchants Bank APP@Your intimate customer service ~

  2. wholesale jewish jewelry Unsecured loans can be performed in the bank.
    In unsecured loans, also known as non -guaranteed loans or credit loans, do not require any mortgage and small credit loans for the guarantor. Generally, you only need to provide identity proof, income certificate, address certificate and other materials to apply to the bank. Later, the bank will issue loans according to personal credit. The loan interest rate is generally slightly higher than the mortgage loan. Customers can choose the loan period according to the specific situation of the individual, and then sign the relevant contract with the bank.
    In borrowing liabilities that do not use specific assets as a guarantee, that is, a loan issued without a borrower or a third party provides guarantees in accordance with the law. (Specific certification materials depends on what bank and the type of unsecured loan applied for the application.) The loan applied to the bank is based on the personal credit situation to issue a loan. The interest rate is generally slightly higher than the mortgage loan. Select the loan period according to the specific situation of the individual, and then sign a contract with the bank.
    The characteristics of the product are as follows:
    1, unsecured, no mortgage of property;
    2, the application procedure is simple and fast, the application of hotline, website, designated acceptance point and fax can be easily applied;
    3, long cycle, choose your loan time limit, the loan cycle can be up to 36 months;
    4, the amount is high, and the comprehensive evaluation of your income and credit status, the maximum loan amount can reach 500,000 yuan RMB;
    5, fixed interest rate-This loan is a fixed interest rate, which is exempted from the impact of market interest rate fluctuations, reduced interest rate risks, and enjoys discounts.
    The bank's unsecured loan application process includes:
    1, providing personal identity information, including ID cards, residence permits, hukou books, marriage certificates and other information;
    2, providing stable address, housing lease contract contract , Hydropower payment form, property management and other related information;
    3, provide stable sources of income, bank flow orders, labor contracts, etc.
    [Legal basis]
    The first Law of the People's Republic of China Commercial Bank Law to protect the legitimate rights and interests of commercial banks, deposits and other customers, regulate the behavior of commercial banks, improve the quality of credit assets, strengthen supervision supervision Management, ensuring the steady operation of commercial banks, maintaining financial order, promoting the development of the socialist market economy, and formulating this law.

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