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  1. Essence

    1 British British interpretation: The most basic and important questioning

    example sentences: Theessenceof ecation is to teach strike to think. R
    2 2 2 Experience this word (advanced article)

    "Essence" can only be used as noun, which means "the most basic and important part", which is the "essence" that we often call "essence", "core", " "In essence", we can learn synonyms with "natural", "soul", "core" together. Pay attention to the spelling of "Essence": The end is "CE", not "SE".

    In Macau, people will immediately think of casinos and many entertainment activities, they are the pillars of Macau. We can say: The Essence of Macau is Poker Chips and. Many virtual currencies have various gimmicks, but their essence is blockchain technology. It can be said: The essence of various is. )

    I often said, "What is the discussion when we are discussing x", what we want to express is actually the essence of x. For example, the question "What is the discussion when we are discussing English writing", if the answer is to think clearly, it can be said: The Essence of Writing is Clarity of Thought. Thinking.

    The personal expansion:

    the builders are paid by the house so speed is of the essence.
    // in essence: r:


    Essence: Essence, Soul, Nature, Core

    YET Change is the very essence.
    n n n n n n n n n He captures the essence of French country life with colourful and pretty designs. 句型rn rn Time /Speed ​​is of the essence when dealing with a medical emergency. 句型rn rn The essence of macau is poker chips and.

    the essence of writing is rewrit.

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