Simply understand the blockchain BSC encryption voucher system, 2022 dark horse anonymous coins DCS

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  1. Foreword: The privacy of the blockchain is currently facing

    Mathers who have read the Bitcoin white paper should know that the blockchain is not anonymous, and too much is more than open and transparent. The transactions have hash values. Through the browser hash value, the transaction records, amounts, time, and the origin of the original purchase of the address can be traced back to the address. As a result, everyone has no privacy.
    1, what is anonymous coin?
    is simply to allow the asset tracking and solve the problem of being too transparent to the blockchain account. Ordinary transfer can be traced through the hash value traceability. Each transfer of the DCS hiding system has been hidden to protect the privacy of assets!
    2, the technical principle of anonymous coins?
    If you want to transfer it to, you can transfer this funds to the hiding system first. At this time, the hiding system will give you a string of withdrawal vouchers. You can take this money if you have this code. Give anyone to pick up, but the loss of the withdrawal voucher will be permanently stored in the written contract address. The funds you take are not yours, but you are qualified to take such a funds in the system. People deposit withdrawal, who does not know who's funds have taken it away, thus achieving a hiding role!
    3, DCS is superior to other anonymous coins?
    The anonymous coins appeared on the market, which are better to do large zero coins, Monroe coins, and Dasta currency, but they only support their currency to hide. Users want to hide If you want to buy their currency to hide, the DCS hiding system supports multi -currency hiding, such as DCS, USDT, BTC, ETH, and so on. It is more than 200 US dollars, and DCS is currently only 1.6 US dollars!
    4, how about the economic model of DCS?
    DCS's total hairstyle of 60 million, which was eventually destroyed to 21 million pieces, 3 million in the early stage, and the output of half a year was half a year. There are three aspects of distribution: liquidity mining mining, node mining, and opening voucher mining. The above three output methods are weighted average. The more participants, the less points!
    5. How does DCS earn benefits?
    1 矿 矿 矿: each time you use the DCS hiding system, the system deducts thousands of 2 fees, and at the same time gives you a certain amount of equity. The number of equity can allocate the coin of this block.
    2. Migraphic pledged mining: Buy pledged DCS to dig out DCS, how much is the fixed output of each block, the equalization of the entire network, the more the entire network pledge is There are so many people!
    3 nodes mining: When your net pledged DCS reaches a certain number and becomes different nodes, each node is also fixed according to block production. The more node few!
    4. Fees dividend: Users use DCS to hide, and 40%of the charged 40%of the fees are divided into users who pledge DCS throughout the network!
    5. The price of currency price: The price of anonymous coins in the past was basically about 200 US dollars, DCS was only 1.6 US dollars, and there was a huge demand market, perfect economic model, a shrinking destruction mechanism, plus DCS is about to go online soon A shooting chain tour will stimulate the price of more than 200 US dollars!

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