4 thoughts on “What is the current price of this commemorative coin?”

  1. Hello, this commemorative coin is refined coins. Without the saying that the general coins are made, the 1982 World Cup commemorative coins were issued. Two silver coins are issued, with a face value of 25 yuan, copper coin issuance is 1 yuan, and the circulation is 40,000. Many of the 82 -year World Cup copper coins have been sent overseas to establish economic exchanges and trade between China and the country. You can see less. We are accustomed to this 82 -year -old World Cup copper coin, called "copper foot" due to the small amount of circulation and most overseas. If the human feeling is not oxidized, the price will be slightly higher.

  2. In the 1982 World Cup football commemorative coins, divided into precision and general system. Puquan products are good, about 500.

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