How to solve the problem of pension shortages in aging society? Seeking answers ~~ · Urgent use ~~~ I want to speak in fiscal class ~~~~

4 thoughts on “How to solve the problem of pension shortages in aging society? Seeking answers ~~ · Urgent use ~~~ I want to speak in fiscal class ~~~~”

  1. This problem is not simply solved by money.
    For example, people in developed countries have accumulated a lot of capital by developing in advance. For post -developed countries, capital (whether gold or US dollar, or other virtual currency) of developed countries is necessary in the development process. In fact, the capital of developed countries reflects the surplus value generated by previous technological progress. The reason why he can be a payment method at this stage of materialization is that he can reflect the value of material.
    For example, developed countries can produce various consumer goods that are not developed in various developed countries, and unrealded countries can produce foods, coal and other goods, and cannot produce high -level electronic products, high -precision weapons, and so on. And developed countries can also produce grain, coal, etc., and can also produce high -tech products that are not urgent in developed countries.
    Only this, developed countries occupy a lot of cheap. For example, developed countries can buy cargo in backward countries, and the conditions are cheap, and unrealded countries want to have high -tech products can only be purchased from developed countries, no matter how outrageous your price is. In this way, the exchanges between the country and the country have greatly accounted for much money, and there is much money.
    has these money, and developed countries can purchase low -end products from backward countries lower than normal prices, while backward countries cannot. He needs to sell labor with low prices to buy various products that he cannot produce. No matter how much you have, the final result can only be like this. The more backward the country, the worse his pension problem is solved, no matter how much money you have before.
    It is not to mention international, just focusing on the country in China is the same. If the rich and the poor are uneven, the problem of the pension of the rich is to rely on more pension for the pension, and the poor will not be able to solve it anyway. And if the rich and poor are equal, all the elderly have asked for dignified old age, that is, if my parents want to ask someone to help take care, the elderly of others also need to ask someone to help take care of it. Give up to take care of your parents and take care of others? In other words, if everyone spends money to ask others to take care of their parents, and take care of other people's parents. Everyone's energy is used to take care of the elderly. How does our society develop?
    . My experience: A gold medal caregiver can't take care of an elderly person who is seriously ill. In addition to the conditions, the caregiver alone needs to be equipped with a double -shot rotation, and his bad mood will directly affect the person who cares after the elderly. The dignity in the middle is intertwined.
    I means: If only a few people enjoy the dignity of their old age, individuals have enough silver, at least one filial child is enough. If the whole people get a dignified old age, we need to be strong enough in my country, and scientific progress is far ahead in the world. If you want the world to enjoy happiness, all human beings must have sufficient progress in technology, sufficient material for material, and high technical means in order to have a true dignified old age. This can only be solved by money anyway.
    It hope to help you.

  2. Social issues Social Office,

    and society consisting of the people,

    is that the people in society are solved by themselves,
    n Rely on yourself, don't bother others.

  3. 1. The government has reduced other expenses (high feasibility, because the young population is relatively small, many states in the United States have cut educational expenses this year ... We have increased tats again)
    2. Increasing personal income tax, but it is not generally improved to increase Instead of increasing high -income people (for example, the previous closure of 10%of the previous 20,000 yuan, then changed to more than 20,000 yuan 15%, 40,000 yuan and 20%). And for people who are particularly rich (such as Bill Gates), these taxes cannot greatly affect their living standards to a large extent

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