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  1. Why do puppies like to eat bones? Because there is a fragrance on the bones, and the bones can be eaten or played; because bite the bone to help the puppy clean the tartar on the teeth, and can train the bite force of the puppy's mouth; During this period, the gums will be itchy, and the bones can be relieved.
    For the puppy, the bone has a meat fragrance. The bones can be either eat and play, and can absorb certain nutrients from the bones.
    Iladder bones is very important for dogs, which is one of the reasons for their cleanliness. Because bite bones can remove the teeth on the teeth and prevent periodontal disease. In addition, by biting the bones, the bite force of the mouth can be trained, it can help kill the prey, and it can also absorb sufficient calcium and strengthen the body.
    This bone head is a necessary stage of their growth. The puppies have a tooth change period during three to four months. During this period of time, puppies' gums will be very itchy. Except for bone bones, they cannot find another better. Anti -itching method.

  2. There are mainly the following reasons for dogs to eat bones. First, the hard texture of the bone can clean the dog's teeth well, and the guests can effectively prevent the problems of dental and bad breath. Second, there is a meat fragrance on the bones. This is one of the reasons why dogs love bones. The dogs were originally carnivorous animals, so foods with meat flavor are loved by dogs.
    What symptoms of dogs eat too much
    It if the dog eats too much, the following symptoms will occur. Vomiting: Vomiting can be seen in the relatively complete grain and the saliva of the dog; indigestion: Dogs may cause the dog to have soft stools and stinks, and severe may cause gastritis such as gastritis; Dogs are in a state of excessive diet for a long time, and it is very prone to obesity. For short legs such as sausage dogs, Jingba dogs, and Corgi dogs, obesity will also increase the burden on their waist and back aspects of the spine and increase the chance of disc herniation disease.

  3. Why do dogs like to eat bones?
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