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  1. For humans, it is very different from other animals. Many people raising dogs to be able to accompany them, so they will treat dogs as their own good friends, not ordinary animals. However, no matter how good the dog is, the life span is always shorter. The burial after the death has become a big problem. How to deal with it to avoid violating Feng Shui taboos? Let's take a look at Feng Shui knowledge together!

    1. It is suitable for cremation
    The method of treatment after the death of pets, the most common is burial or cremation. The cremation is the most suitable for dogs. If dogs are raised in big cities, cremation can be performed after death. Entering the bliss world will not cause environmental pollution.
    2. Avoid soil burial
    Many people hope that the dog can retain the appearance of life after the death, so choosing burial, in fact, the burial is a lot of disadvantages for dogs. From the perspective of Feng Shui, burial will cause dogs It is difficult for dogs to reborn. A lot of yin will be gathered in place, affecting people's health, suffering from various infectious diseases, can also cause environmental pollution, and bacteria are constantly infected with reproduction.
    3. Avoid throwing
    It people raising dogs to be able to see the door for themselves, and the feelings of dogs are relatively average, so they will choose to throw them into the trash when they die. Your own health transportation has adverse effects, and it will also cause mildew to add himself. He often encounters unlucky things, which can easily cause accidents. The chance of accidental injuries is getting higher and higher. Doom is constantly getting up and resolving difficulties.
    4. It is better to put a coffin or dress
    Phogy after the death of a dog, it is best to have a small coffin to be placed to avoid the infection of the corpse rot. There are more feng shui morals that can allow dogs to be reborn smoothly, and it can also prevent the invasion of yin and evil qi. When burial, it cannot be buried near the house, nor can it be buried with the grave of the loved ones, and it should not be buried next to the grave of the loved ones.
    5. Buried land selection and date
    Phogy after the dog dies, the corpse can not be allowed to stay at home for too long, otherwise it will bring doom, and it will cause family contradictions and serious corners. It is best to choose Feng Shui treasure to bury the dog. When the burial is buried, you must choose the date, and it is forbidden to give the dog a funeral in some taboos. If the dog dies unexpectedly, you can ask Mr. Feng Shui to give the dog.

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