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  1. Many careless parents do not know when the dogs start to be uncomfortable, when they are unhealthy, and even when they are sick, they find that the dog's disease is very serious. Let's pay attention to the signs of the dog's illness.
    Alert 1: Dogs are suddenly not lively.
    has no strong reaction or happy response to call the dog's name. Healthy dogs should be full of energy. Unhealthy dogs will be weak, lose their appetite, weak body, and ears are not flexibly swinging.

    Alerts: Dry nose, sneezing or affecting tears in the eyes.
    INK dogs should be wet nasal, with a little sweat beads, and the hands touch the slightly coolness. The diseased dog has a dry nasal mirror, and there will be cracks in severe turtles. At the same time, the nasal cavity has water -like or viscous nasal fluid. The intermittent or uninterrupted sneezing and tears are the early stages of most diseases.

    IND health puppy nose

    Alert 3: Normal defecation.
    Healthy puppies, puppies about three times a day, and general dogs are generally twice. The color of the feces varies from food, usually black or brown black or yellow -brown, and it should be moderate and moderate. Starting, a little trace on the ground is the most standard feces. If it is very soft when picking up, it will fall to the ground. If the dog has a sudden diarrhea, a paste or water -like manure, or a stool is firm, even blood wire or jelly -like substances are signs of the disease.

    The soft feces

    Alert 4: The eyes have abnormal secretions.
    Healthy dogs are clean around the eyes. When the corner of the eyes wakes up, there will be slightly yellow eyes. The eyes are bright and magical, and flexible. During the disease, the dogs may have a large amount of purulent secretions or brown secretions around the eyes. Some eyelids will swell, the eyes avoid light, or the conjunctiva congestion, and the eyes are godless.

    The disease dog eyes
    Alert 5: Body temperature rises.
    The normal body temperature of the dog is 38.5-39.2, and the general fluctuation range is within the range of 38-39.5. We can see that the standard body temperature of the dog is about two degrees higher than that of our normal people, so so Do not tell the doctor that when I feel it, it is a fever, which will cause a lot of misleading to the doctor, and it is easy to delay dog ​​disease. It is not recommended to use electronic thermometers. Although it is convenient, the error is very large. Generally, when the dog is measuring the body temperature, the human thermometer is also available. The alcohol cotton ball disinfects it, and then inserts one -third of the anus. After three minutes, take out the read number.

    Stochidal no dog

    Alert 6: loss of appetite, or the rapid decrease in appetite.
    Stocks that puppies have dirty things or excessive fat or indigestible foreign bodies will cause abnormal gastric function, refusal or vomiting, and various infectious diseases and internal medicines, which may cause loss of appetite or vomiting. Essence
    Once your dog has the above six cases or one, that is, the dog sends a signal of "I am sick" to you. In order to prevent the disease from deteriorating.

  2. Time: 2010-10-15 Source: Paido Pet Beauty Master Training School Author: YangHn Click: Zi Naive, Carefree, Being able to eat and play, this may be Alaska's nature. However, when the happy and happy Allah also has a physical discomfort, parents must find timely treatment in time. Eyes: Bright eyes are a manifestation of the dog's health. If you find that there are some overflowing objects in Alaska's eyes, his eyes are godless, and you often scratch your eyes with your eyes or blink, which may be a problem with your eyes. Ear: Open the dog's ears. The healthy dog's ears are very clean, and it presents light pink without any odor. If you find that Alas often shakes his head, grabs his ears, and the ear is stenching in the ears. If it is possible, it may have ear mites or otitis media. Nose: Generally speaking, when Alaska sleeps and wakes up, the nose is moist, with a layer of transparent liquid on the surface. If your Alaska's nose is dry, and the nose flows like pus like a pus, and there are symptoms such as nosebleeds and continuous sneezing, it may suffer from nasal disease or infectious diseases. Mao: Healthy dogs have a very shiny and smooth quilt. When checking, you can sort out the quilts for the dog while touched the body with your hands. Diseases. If you find that your favorite is dark, rough and dandruff, and a piece of peeling, you should ask the veterinarian and treat it early. Teeth: A pair of white teeth not only make the dog look beautiful, but also a healthy guarantee. Open Alaska's mouth to see the cleanliness of the mouth and teeth. If the teeth are found to be dirt, the food is fragmented and the odor is made, you can use a pet toothbrush to brush the teeth. But if you find a dental or tooth decay, ask the veterinarian. Punge: Alaska excrement can reflect its health. Generally speaking, Alaska will be excreted two to three times a day. If it is found to have a sparse, it is not rolled, and the color is red, it means that Alaska's body is uncomfortable. You can also check whether there are excretions in its anus. Temperature: Put your temperaturemeter on Vaselin and other lubricants and put it in Alaska's anus. After one minute, take out the read data. The normal dog temperature is between 38-38.9 degrees Celsius. If the temperature of the pet is high or low, and it lasts for a long time without returning to normal body temperature, it may be sick. If Alaska has a long -term one or more symptoms, parents must raise their vigilance and strive to eliminate the disease in the bud state. After all, parents do not want a pointed needle to pierce Alaska's skin!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am a pet doctor Xing Huanxia. I have clinical experience for more than ten years. The veterinarian qualification certificate is numbered. Please describe the pet species, age, deworming, sterilization, and problems encountered. Reminder: On Baidu, you can only send six times to send a roller. You can only send six times to say, please describe the situation you want to know in detail every time you talk, and pay attention to the number of times to avoid helping you solve the problem.nI have seen your problem, and I am sorting up for you. It takes some time. Please wait patiently!n11. Insufficient vitality, dogs who often like to play troubles suddenly do not love very much. Sometimes they also like to lie on the ground and motionless. It may be accompanied by poor appetite, weakness and so on. 22. The nose is dry. Normally, the dog's nose is more moist. We use our hands to touch the dog's nose and have a cool feeling. We will not bring us a cool feeling, so we have to pay attention.n33. Successive bowel movements will occur abnormal defecation after illness. Generally speaking, normal dogs have three times a day to defecate, while adult dogs are defecated once a day. After the dog's feces will be dry or sparse, sometimes it will be accompanied by blood wire or jelly. This is the symptom of illness. 44. If the appetite is not good, if the dog has a bad appetite, what we need to rule out is whether we feed too much daily, or whether we need to change the dog food for dog food for dogs. The dogs we raised have a health problem. This is generally caused by gastrointestinal function after illness.n55. The body temperature rises, and the dog will be accompanied by changes in body temperature after illness. If the body temperature rises, this is likely to be the symptoms of the dog's illness. The lower part is measured. If the body temperature exceeds 39.5 degrees, it is a sign of illness. 66. Eyes are abnormal. Generally speaking, the eyes of normal dogs are relatively clean and flexible. If the sick dog, there will be a lot of purulent divisions around the eyes, which will be accompanied by the fear of light and a lot of blood wires. Eye swelling and other problems, this requires us to discover and treat them in time.nQuestion 11nReply?n5 morenBleak

  4. Symptoms of dogs sick
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