4 thoughts on “Is it good to feed dog beef, be good or cooked?”

  1. It needs to be cooked. Raw beef foam contains bacteria, and dogs are prone to illness.
    The dogs are meat -eating animals. When feeding, animal protein should be prepared in the feed to supplement the vegetarian ingredients to ensure the normal development and health of the dog. Dogs sometimes eat grass, but eat very little, and occasionally spit out. Dogs are not hungry, but to clear the stomach, mainly because of the unique intestinal structure of the dog.
    The dog's stomach is very large, accounting for about 2/3 of the abdominal cavity, and the intestines are short, accounting for about 1/3 of the abdominal cavity. Therefore, dogs basically use stomach to digest food and absorb nutrients. This is easy to digest meat. It is not easy to use "leaf and grass and other" pork ribs "to digest.
    Dog feeding precautions:
    1. Use food prepared by regular manufacturers.
    2, do not use foods that are rot or not fresh.
    3. Prepare a bowl of water at any time.
    4, do not feed dogs with high -protein cats.
    5, dog food should be placed in room temperature, do not give them food just taken from the refrigerator.
    6. To deal with the unparalleled canned food or the food that has changed, don't pity these small money, otherwise it will be worse if it eats bad food.
    7. Every night, I have to throw away those dried foods left. Do not save it in the dog's food basin. This is easy to seduce bacteria and worms.
    8, pay attention to your dog's weight at any time, don't let it be too fat.
    9, do not feed dogs with hard and sharp bones.
    10. If your dog does not eat for 24 hours, it is obviously sick, and immediately ask the veterinarian.

  2. Raw beef. It can be eaten. But it is best to eat less. Occasionally eat it. But it is best to send it from the slaughterhouse. It is best not to feed the supermarket.
    I is cooked beef feeding every day.

  3. Of course it is cooked. If it is good for it to give it raw meat, although he is good, he is wild, it will be fierce. Whether you are his master, he will enjoy you a big dental mark, and it will not, and it will not not be. Good for bringing out! If you eat too much, you will be like a wolf, afraid of

  4. 1: Dogs will be healthier, and diseases such as anal glands, skin diseases, allergies will be greatly reduced.
    2: Balance the energy in the body. Cooked food makes the dog calm, and raw meat will make the dog more active.
    3: Cooked food causes tooth problems. The feeding of raw meat will keep the dog's natural and clean teeth. Reduce dental diseases.
    4: The stool becomes less and has almost no odor.
    5: The intake of chemicals such as preservatives in dog foods in dog food is reduced.
    6: Reduce body odor and tone.
    7: The dog's personality will become fierce.
    8: It is cheaper than the dog food of the finished product.
    9: You can better control the ratio of the dog's food and the ratio of nutrition.
    10: The muscles of a strong dog can better control weight.
    11: Reduce the taste of the ear and the disease of the ear canal.
    12: Only by feeding raw meat (especially raw beef) plus effective power training can the dog synthesize a large amount of muscles in a short time.
    13: Long -term feeding raw meat and bones, dogs will not have calcium deficiency.
    14: Raw meat can provide the maximum energy, complete vitamins, minerals, necessary fatty acids, yeast, protein and carbohydrates. After the food is cooked, high temperature will destroy vitamins, yeasts, and antioxidants in the food, and causes the non -digestible protein, causing the loss of amino acids.
    15: The palatability is better, and the dog likes to eat raw meat food.
    16: The dog's hair color is bright.
    17: Raw meat foods can control the best speed of dog growth and avoid bone problems caused by the puppy's weight too quickly. The finished dog food is not helpful to this.
    18: During the feeding process of biting meat, the dog's jaw, neck and shoulder muscles are well exercised, and they develop more perfectly.
    19: During the chewing process of the dog, gastric acid will have enough time to secrete to help better digest and absorb.
    20: In our common sense, some bones cannot be used to feed dogs, especially chicken bones, because the cooked bones are crispy, and it is easy to crack into sharp horns. It will stab during the swallowing process. Dog's digestive organs. But if the chicken bone is born, you don't have to worry, because the bones of the raw are relatively soft and easy to bend. The dog's jaw is naturally eating bones, and it will handle well.

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