1 thought on “What are the box rewards of "Reverse Battle Pets"?”

  1. In the counter -war pet game, you can get a pet box to get the props such as the selected fragments, the self -selected item reset card, the shopping voucher, and the fragments dropped by the hunting field. Players must bring the pet hell flame dog to get pictures to get the pet box. The probability of pet boxes is completely random.
    The is about 15h per day. There are only 17 ourselves selected for 1800 boxes, no more than 50 photos of 500, two 5000, no 1W. The probability of pet boxes is very low. Most of them are permanently given to the fragments themselves. They are rarely selected for fragments and shopping vouchers. One of 5,000 is sold. 10,000 shopping vouchers are rare.
    Extension information

    1. Each boss in the hunting ground has a chance to give the box. The greater the chance of the boss, the greater the chance. The hunting ranking can get the redemption of the sacrifice or the orangutan glove. The reward for opening the box is also super generous, hurry up and try to defeat the BOSS.
    2. Players who want to quickly brush the pet boxes, they can try the metropolis to take risks, the customs clearance time, or the outflowing after, and there are multiple boxes in the queen. Low, it is not recommended to do it. The cost -effectiveness is not high. Most of them are permanently given to the fragments themselves, and they rarely give their own fragments and shopping vouchers.

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