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  1. Season 2 Cat's Cultivation History: One -way Road (3) The second breeding and the needs of the middle class created pet cats
    Wonderful point theory: After the development of things to a certain stage, the development of things will be high at a high slope rate at a high slope rate. The way to grow quickly. The most intuitive reflection of the theory of odd points is the growth of Maozhu and the development of artificial intelligence.
    3 cm per year in the first 4 years of Maozhu. However, after 5 years, the 6 weeks between the 4th and 5th year of the 4th and 5th year are the wonders of Maozhu.
    We we can see that the growth rate of Maozhu has changed qualitatively. The reason is that in the past 4 years, Maozhu has picked up hundreds of square meters of bamboo roots.
    So such artificial intelligence?
    It 13 years ago: If human beings have the development of artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence will inevitably develop into another civilized system. Its iconic incident is to communicate and dialogue between robots in a way that humans cannot understand. Because language is an important carrier and iconic event of civilization.
    This, the author said that it is recommended to pull the power.
    18 In February, Fackbook shut down an artificial intelligence test. The reason is that the two chat robots Alice and BOB transformed English into a language that is easier to communicate between them in the test.
    The key to the problem is that humans cannot understand.
    The "critical 6 weeks" of artificial intelligence development?
    has no answer. Because Fackbook has "unplugged the power" and closed the experiment.
    returning to the history of cats, the author pointed out that the "key 6 weeks" in the history of cat cultivation is the 18th century. The reason is that in the 18th century in the UK, the first industrial revolution began. At the same time, the rise of overseas markets brought by geographical discovery. It provides sufficient capital for the British to cultivate cats for the commercialization of Europeans. At this stage, the development of biology also provides sufficient human resources and theoretical foundations for cat biology. The key to the problem is that the urbanization movement brought by the industrial revolution brought the social class of the middle class for the first time. It is a lot of existence of this social class that brings sufficient market demand to the artificial cultivation of cats. After all, before that, only the upper class has the needs of pet cats, and more people stay in the stage of food and clothing. It is lucky that the cat is not eaten.
    It can be said that the development of productivity creates funds, technology and human resources for the large -scale artificial cultivation of cats in the supply side; It provides business demand for the large -scale artificial cultivation of cats. Therefore, cats' artificial Darwinist commercial cultivation has begun.
    The cats with well -behaved personality, beautiful hair, and cute body have a large -scale opportunity for breeding. Conversely, it tends to be marginalized.
    Here, the author provides a modern biology artificial selection case: Russian fox farm test. More representative, it can also explain that the commercialization of commercialization under the business society is terrible to the rules of nature's evolution.
    This of cat cultivation: In one section of the cats of God (2) God's will and partners, the author has mentioned that foxes and dogs, like cats and dogs, entered human life in the era of the Homo sapiens. (Foraging for food with cats and dogs in human garbage dumps.)
    , after thousands of years of development, cats have already entered the center of human society (bedroom), and foxes are more popular, more Many are the existence in the zoo. The reason is not described in repeated, it has been described in the previous section.
    , but here I have to emphasize that after thousands of years of development, the cat has become a pet on the knee of human beings, and the modern Russians in the Russian fox farm test only took more than 50 years to change the fox in more than 50 years. Become a pet.
    50 years ago, Russian scientists chose those beautiful individuals and then artificial intervention. After choosing the most friendly hybrids in the fox group, after several generations of cultivation, they are close to our scientists like dogs. Today, in Russia, silver foxes have been regarded as pets for commercial development and sale.
    Survival is a problem, and death is also a problem!
    Is to think of modern genetic engineering.
    In I do n’t know who is lucky in the eyes of God, the puppet cat on the desk and the wild cat in nature!
    The next section of the preview: The watershed of the cat, the cat and the wild cat
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  2. Cat's domestication time is shorter than dogs. From the wolf to the dog, it has been domesticated for many years. From a few generations from wild cats to cats, it is just like some foxes now have been cultivated for several generations, but the aggressiveness has been reduced a lot.
    The descendants of some cats are already docile and can be obviously separated from wild cats. However, if all cats are domesticated, it must be cultivated for more generations.

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