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  1. Pets exit and quarantine are very important. For pets without sanitary certificates, most countries and regions generally refuse their entry, and when they return, they will also be prohibited from entering the country. The procedures for bringing pets abroad are as follows-
    1. A must be vaccinated at the animal hospital designated by the Import and Exit Quarantine Bureau. Because the vaccine takes effect, it takes a certain amount of time. If a cat who has never had the vaccine has to take a needle one month before leaving the country, a week before boarding the plane take another needle.
    The only two hospitals in Beijing can make national health certificates, one is the Agricultural University Animal Hospital, and the other is the Malandian Animal Hospital.
    2. Within 14 days before leaving (the latest week before walking), a health certificate with pets and Agricultural University goes to the Import and Exit Quarantine Bureau for entry and exit quarantine procedures. With these proofs on airplanes and customs.

  2. Pets that meet the conditions of transportation.
    The relevant regulations are as follows:
    1. Please submit an application for small animal transportation to the direct ticket sales department of our designated directly under the flight of 24 hours before the flight departure. For the needs of you to carry a small animal travel, we must be agreed and arranged to be appropriate before receiving it. There is no need to carry small animals and quarantine certificates when applying for application procedures.
    2, small animals in a state of pregnancy or just childbirth within 48 hours shall not be checked.

    3, small animals that do not meet the transportation conditions, we can refuse to carry. If you abandon the consignment small animals, you can go through the registration procedures in accordance with normal procedures; if you ask for other flights, you should handle it in accordance with the regulations of voluntary changes.

    4. We have the right to adjust the model before the flight takes off. If you cannot carry small animals by adjusting the model, you can choose to abandon small animals or switch to other small transportation small small small small animals that can be transported. Animal flight.

    5. Please transport the small animals to the airport to check the check -in procedures at 120 minutes before the flight from the flight to the station on the day of the flight, and show the documents required during the small animal transportation during the check.

    6, small animal transportation costs are paid when the procedures are completed at the airport.
    Extended data
    The small animals refer to animals such as pet cats and pet dogs domesticated. Animals such as aggressive or easy to hurt people, such as Tibetan mastiffs and bull dogs, do not belong to this scope.
    The small animals shipped must have effective proofs such as animal quarantine permits, and must meet the regulations on exit, entry and transit of national animals during transportation.

    The animals must not be brought directly into the cabin, and must be installed in the cargo cabin as consignment luggage transportation.

    Stime animals belong to the special luggage category and will be charged according to special luggage charges.

    The total weight of the container loaded with small animals (including small animals and the weight of food and water) must not exceed 32kg, otherwise it must be transported as a cargo.

    The permits with up to two animals are allowed to carry up to two animals.

    The small animal transportation is only applicable to the actual one -way direct flight of Air China.

    This due to the refusal and transit of the country during transportation, causing small animals to fail to be transported on time, or due to the injury, illness, escape, and death of small animals under normal transportation conditions, Air China does not bear any responsibility Essence

    Reference information: Air China official website -carrying pet

  3. First of all, your home boarding family allows you to keep pets, and of course your own house is more convenient. Secondly, it depends on the country you go. Some countries may need to prepare quarantine procedures for 3-6 months in advance. Most countries can get it within one month, communicate with themselves in advance, and breed people to help. Of course, the cost is not low
    Pets to go abroad for and handle the process

    proxy intentions: After confirming the pets to go abroad, please contact the agent as soon as possible to confirm the process and itinerary.
    Beded flights: After you determine your flight, start the pets of the pet.
    Orebritic medical examination: The pet hospital designated by the Entry -Exit Guales Bureau for the starting place is performed for outbound medical examinations.
    Perdeons and inspection: Acting company helps to handle customs declaration and inspection, and apply for the "Animal Health Certificate 'of pets' outbound" and customs clearance order'
    Airbox Perform adaptive training.
    three steps: scheduled flight immunity and health certificate outbound health examination

  4. Yes, go through the following levels.
    1. The "Chinese Civil Aviation Passenger and Luggage Transportation Rules" promulgated by the China Civil Aviation Administration stipulates that small animals refer to the cats and dogs raised by the family to play pets. Wildlife and animals such as weird or easy to hurt people such as snakes do not belong to small animals and cannot be transported as luggage, but can be used as cargo transportation. At the same time, the living animals that the shipper consignment is not shipped by the national embargo.
    It, general airlines stipulate that animals during pregnancy, animals within 48 hours of childbirth, and animals during breastfeeding cannot be checked.
    It airlines must place pets in the aerobic compartment of flights in order to ensure the safety of pets, which are limited to pets such as cats and dogs. Passengers should contact the airlines in advance to confirm animal cabin problems.
    2. Consignment channels
    Each company has different pet check -in channels. It can be roughly divided into two types of pets into two types: one is random transportation channels, and the other is to take the air freight channel.
    The so -called random transportation is the flight that pets will take with you, but you are sitting in the cabin and it is in the cargo cabin.
    It air freight channels refer to the shipping pets that will be transported by the airline's dedicated freight aircraft.
    It attention is to choose random transportation, and you can receive pets at the destination. And if pets are walking the freight channel, different flights may be that pets will wait for you at the airport first, or you may wait for it first.
    3. Quarantine certificate
    The airlines generally require passengers to provide animal quarantine certificates issued by the health quarantine department at or above the county level (effective health certificate and vaccine injection certificate). It should be noted here that the quarantine certificate is valid for 7 days, so it must be handled a few days in advance after determining the flight time.
    At the same time, taking international flights must also have valid documents required to transport small animals from the People's Republic of China and during transportation.
    4, packaging notice
    The containers of small animals in transportation should meet the following requirements:

    The animals must be installed in a strong container suitable for their characteristics. The container should prevent small animals from damaging, escaping and extending the container to damage passengers, luggage or goods, and prevent feces from overflowing, so as to prevent pollution of aircraft equipment and other items.
    (1) It can prevent small animals from damaging, escaping and extending the container to damage passengers, luggage or goods outside the container.
    (2) Ensure that air circulation does not cause small animals to suffocate.
    (3) It can prevent feces from overflowing, so as to prevent pollution, equipment and other items.
    (4) The size of the container: The airline generally has the size of the cage for the placement of pets, such as: China Southern Airlines stipulates that the maximum volume of the cage packaging of passengers to consign small animals must not exceed 40*60*100 cm. It is less than 5*15*20 cm, and the maximum weight must not exceed 50 kg; Hainan Airlines requires the width and height of the pet box to exceed 70cm × 100cm (B737 model), 115cm × 95cm (B767 model), 60cm × 90cm (A330 (A330 (A330 (A330 Model), 90 × 90cm (A340 model).

  5. Yes ~! It's almost the same as the shipping goods ~~ Some of them are mainly to coordinate with the embassy

    to carry a pet to fly, it is a more troublesome thing. The specific procedures are as follows:
    1. When buying tickets To declare that there are small animals for consignment;
    2, leading pets to inject vaccines, and issue immune certification at the same time;
    3, the quarantine proof of the quarantine bureau with the immune certificate; Box;
    5. Before going to the airport, prepare sufficient drinking water and pet food in the pet box;
    6, carried a pet box equipped with pets to the airport, go through the small animal consignment procedures; N7. After arriving at the destination underground aircraft, receive pet boxes.

    For the above -mentioned procedures, some big pet shops can handle the procedures before the consignment.

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