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  1. According to the provisions of our country, being caught by cats and dogs should be treated as soon as possible, and then find the problem of compensation for the owner of the pet. You can find animal breeders for compensation. If the animal breed causes damage to others, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement.
    . The precursor of being caught by a cat's injury
    1. Local precursor: Most manifestations are erythema, pimples, and local lymph nodes appear swollen;
    2. Fever, anorexia, fatigue and other systemic symptoms.
    . After being caught by a cat, the following measures can be taken:
    1. Washing wounds: If the wound pollution is not serious, you can wash simple soapy water at home. If the wound pollution is severe, it is recommended that patients go to the hospital in time after preliminary treatment. Doctors will apply iodine, hydrogenship, saline and other preparations to repeatedly rinse the wound, which can eliminate a large amount of bacteria, viruses, foreign bodies, etc. in the wound as much as possible;
    2, suture wounds According to the specific situation, choose whether to suture surgical;
    3. Determine whether the rabies vaccine needs to be injected: after being caught by a cat, if you have a certain grasp of the safety of the cat, you can not inject the rabies vaccine because the rabies virus virus virus virus Only in the saliva of cats or dogs and the corresponding tissue solution. Because the cat's claws are difficult to have viruses for a long time, after being arrested, as long as they are cleaned, most patients will not get rabies. However, if the patient cannot confirm, at the moment of being caught, whether the cat licks his finger claws or the wound of the injured part, you can also inject the rabies vaccine; It is necessary to actively choose to inject tetanus or ordinary antibiotics to reduce the possibility of other bacterial infections.
    . The content of the prevention of cat scratching is as follows:
    1. Avoid being bitten or scratched when playing or dealing with cats, especially avoiding some intimate actions with cats, such as such as the cat, such as a more intimate actions, such as such as the cat, such as a relatively intimate actions, such as such as the cat, such as the cats, such as Kiss;
    2. People with low immunity should avoid contact with cats, such as AIDS patients, patients receiving chemotherapy, or patients with special immunosuppressive drugs; Washing your hands;
    4. Under the necessary circumstances, deal with the cat's flea problem, pay attention to personal hygiene and cat hygiene, such as restricting cats to play. If the cat goes out, take a bath and destroying fleas in time.

    The legal basis:
    "The Code of the People's Republic of China"
    It 1,245 animals raised by animals or managers should be damaged by others. Responsibilities of infringement; however, it can prove that the damage is caused by the intentional or major negligence by the infringer, and may not bear or reduce the responsibility.
    It 1,246: If a security measures are not damaged by others to cause safety measures to cause safety measures, the animal breeder or manager shall bear the liability for infringement; As a result, responsibility can be reduced.

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