2 thoughts on “Cats are soft, and the stool is a bit odor, is it sick?”

  1. As long as it is not diluted, a bit of soft stool may be that the digestion is not good, or if you eat too much, you can observe for two days to improve the feeding method, eat less meals, and reduce feeding. Moreover, the cats of cats are a bit stinky, which may also be related to cat food. As long as cats can eat and drink, normal problems and bowel movements are not big. If you have diluted, you need to seek medical treatment.

  2. First, the cat's softness is related to food
    This is too greasy that cats eat on weekdays can cause cats to soft. Cats are meat animals; like eating fish, meat, and animal liver, parents will also buy canned meat cats for cats, eat more meat foods, excessive fat, and lack of digestive enzymes in the intestine. Caused a soft stool, and the pulled out will also have a smell. It is recommended to reduce the greasy meat to feed cats for cats, and can make some vegetables and vegetables for cats to eat cats to supplement vitamins and cellulose.
    . The cat digestion and softness
    The cats eat too much at once, or they eat too complicated, and the food you eat exceeds the cat's digestion. The food that is not fully digested is discharged together with stools, forming soft stools, and the stool will be particularly smelly. For the soft stool caused by this reason, cats can feed cats to imagine probiotics, regulate the stomach, promote the intestines, and promote the intestines. Taoist movement improves the phenomenon of cats soft.
    . Cat parasites cause soft stools
    Cats with parasites in the body can also cause cats to soft stools. For cat parasites, observe whether the cat's soft stool is active. You can also send cats to pet hospital for inspection, and take medicine under the guidance of veterinarians after determining the worm. Common insect -repellent medicines are: happy brown sugar, worshiping pets and golfes.
    If the cat is not just a soft stool, but also accompanied by continuous vomiting, vomiting with foam, there is a smell, or bloodshot, mental slug Cat plague is small or acute enteritis. Cats should take cats to pet hospitals in time, and do not delay the cat's condition.

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