Why is Spring Cat La Dog?

what's the meaning? Is the cat in spring and the dog of the lunar moon better than other times?

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  1. In ancient times, cats were to catch mice and avoid evil.
    It since humans have evolved out of their tails, cats have become pets. They no longer catch rats/houses, and some cats have not even had a descendant in their lives.
    . It has a dexterous limb/beautiful tail and bright eyes and the eyes of the heart. The cutest thing is that it has a gentle voice and the obedient and well -behaved.
    The habit of raising cats in my family. From my sensible, I almost watched a cat (a group) cat from birth to grown up and old. In memory, the gray -brown cats are the most, followed by pure black and colorful and tabby cats.
    The cat's movements are quite smart, and there is no sound from the high landing. It is said that the cat has nine reasons for life. In the legend of his hometown, the cat was the incarnation of Su Yan, and his fox had allowed the fox to occupy the original body and was cursed and disgusted by the later generations.
    The appearance of cats, stubbornness, people can't help but like them. The cat's eyes, like transparent crystal balls, will glow in the eyes of some cats in the dark. The famous "noon peony case" in Chinese history is because the mystery is cracked from the cat's eyes. When the sun is full of sunlight, the cat's pupils under the peony flower are narrowed. It can be seen that the masters' works are observed in this way and excellence.
    The sound of cats, exactly like the tone of Huangmei drama, is sweet and deep. Of course, the sound of cats in anger is different. When the cat is nervous and angry, the tail will raise the tail high, bow back, support the limbs, open eyes, and the throat emits "Hu/Ho/Ho" similar to tiger roar and smokers coughing The sound of time.
    The cats are also particular about the reproduction of cats. That is to say, cats are three months pregnant, and cats born in spring are the best. At the same time, the dialect also said: One dragon, two tigers, three cats and four rats ", which is the best for a cat to have one child, two, three, and four. I have never seen the kitten. Usually the female cat will hide the kitten is safer. In the few days of the kitten, the eyes cannot be opened. Velvet. After drinking a few days of milk, the pills on the kittens will grow in the middle of other colors of body hair. At the same time, their physical strength will be strengthened. They will slowly open their eyes and try to walk around. The sound is not "meow, meow" but similar to birds. To put it precisely, it is more like a rat's call. In about a month, the white fluff on the kitten will retreat. At this time, they will slowly come out of the secret place.
    m female cats will play with the kittens very carefully, all kinds of things are all games in the eyes of the kittens Special pieces. Sometimes, the kittens still jumps with the tail of the big cats. You will jump up or stand up like your legs to bite the tail, very cute. The female cat will lie on the ground side by side, and the kittens will run one by one. The nipple sucks up. The female cat will look at them with a very loving eyes, and sometimes I squint my eyes ...
    In a nest kitten is not the same color or the color of the female cat , A white cat may give birth to pure black/flower cats/comprehensive gray/or tiger patterns.
    cats are relatively smart animals, they deeply discuss people's likes. They will surround them. If your feet are turning, you will get drilling in your arms coldly, and even what they eat is so cute. ...................
    cats like to wash their faces the most, they will put one front foot claw to Lick a few times in your mouth, and then wipe it on your face with this paw. Therefore, the cat's body is always cleaner than a dog, and the cat is a small animal that is more hygienic. Find something to bury things.
    The actions of cat predation are perfect and art: one day, a group of sparrows flew to the grape racks in my home, and their doubles slapped sharply. Hanging in the air, hooking his head, and pecking those grapes with your mouth, the movement was like an inverted gold hook in martial arts. When I saw the cat, I secretly approached the target from a certain place. When the target is about two meters away, I see the cat rushing quickly to a sparrow staring at a certain one. Its left front and right back feet are landed at the same time, and then jumped up. When landing, it was like a meteor atmosphere, and then only two feet far away from the target, it bit the sparrow in the empty empty. The target sparrows have not responded yet. The cat has opened his mouth and bit it in one bite. When the cat bite the sparrow to run down from the air, the grapes that the sparrow had just bite had not landed. Makes people think of Guan Shengye's Wenjiu's story, people are on the ground, the wine is still warm) ....................................................................
    Cats are like a spoiled girl. They will be coquettish /Lazy/greedy but cute. Whatever they are, they will go up and play. Especially in winter, they will lie lazily in the sun and bask in the sun, making a snoring sound of "Hulu Hulu". They are like a child who will never be tired of eating. ........
    Remember to have several times, the cat took medicine and mouse poisoning. They lay there softly, spit out some dirt in their mouths, and looked heartbroken. Usually squeeze out the juice and leek juice with cactus and drink them to vomit toxins and then.
    Cats are very aggressive animals. They are not as loyal to dogs, but they are looking for the owner by feeling. My family has received many cats that come by themselves, and once they find the owner, they will follow the owner for a lifetime. When I was a kid, there was a cat in my family who lost one year, and I ran back again, making people happy again. .........
    This life is a few years, on my hometown. The dead cats will be wrapped in paper and placed on the tree for sky burial.
    I like cats, and often thought: Why not let cats enter the zodiac signs? I like their cuteness/goodness/flexibility and loyalty. ... ...

  2. There is such a saying in the people ~ It is said that cats born in spring and dogs born in the lunar moon are good, and it is not easy to get sick ~~~ What is good? Personally think it is immunity.

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