5 thoughts on “Ask the big god to tell me how much is the puppet cat, how much is a puppet cat?”

  1. This puppet cats are larger, and their limbs are soft and slender. Meight and sticky people, like to please the owner, and have a good spleen. Because of her handsome appearance, the elegant temperament attracted a large wave of shovel officers to buy. So how much is the puppet cat? If you want to start the puppet cat, please refer to it.
    Muchotic cats: The price of the racing puppet cat is 15,000 yuan-25,000 yuan. The price of pet-grade puppet cats is 8,000 yuan to 15,000 yuan. Most of them are leg color problems in the legs that do not meet the season's requirements, but the physical characteristics are not defective. The face value and other temperament are not lost to the puppet cats. The proposal for home care is recommended to choose a pet -grade puppet cat. In addition, the price of breeding class cats depends on the specific situation.

    The puppet cats are long -haired cats and rarely lose hair, but they still need to comb their hair every day, which can stimulate blood circulation and enhance metabolism to make the hair shiny. The puppet cat is an indoor cat. The inside of the cat's claws is constantly growing, and the outer layer needs to be grinding and falling off naturally, so the claw artifact is essential, otherwise the furniture will suffer.
    It puppet cats like to be clean. Remember to clean the cat litter pot and give the cat a clean and comfortable environment. Avoid bacterial breeding and affect health.
    Pat cat kittens are fragile. If you don't pay attention, you can easily diarrhea. It is best to place pure water every day to prepare some cat food containing probiotics. Don't eat foods with too high salt content.
    Pat cats have strong endurance and less courage. Once the loose nourishment is injured, they will choose not to speak. It is difficult to see that the owner is difficult to see, and it is easy to infect bacteria and cause illness, so do not put them outdoors.

  2. It depends on how much funds you are preparing.
    If about 2000-6000 of pure blood.
    Thenic bloodlines starting 10,000, to about 100,000.
    If you plan to buy puppets of pure blood, it is recommended to buy those large pet shops and do not go to those roadside shops.

  3. There are three or four thousand without certificates. The bloodline certificate is determined that it is not a general pet level of a fake certificate. 8,000 is definitely a mask asymmetric with color blocks or white ears. The perfect two -color puppet of the deduction item is more than 20,000, and the most expensive color and glove color are cheaper.

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