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  1. First of all, you have to endure cat hair everywhere, and there are still difficulties to deal with cleanliness.

    In addition to cat hair, you also have to pay attention to whether the cat has dirty things to your bed, especially the free -range cat, which is likely to pour soup chicken outside and make a dirty soil. After returning, I jumped directly to bed.

    Then you have to pay attention to whether there are bugs on the cat, such as flea, tapeworms, lice. Especially once the flea lice stay on the bed, it is really a kind of torture. In addition to the insects in vitro, you must also pay attention to whether the cat has parasites in the body, so it is necessary to remove insects to cats regularly.

    This cats are called night owls, especially the shoveling officer of scattered rural cats will find that many cats like to sleep in the daytime and go out to catch mice at night. For such cats, it is their activity period at night. So many cats will be very spiritual at night. If you are particularly sleepy, the cat jumps with a wild wolf Disco on your body. It feels like there is an urge to throw it out immediately?

    It another point is especially for the majority of overweight cats. If your cat is too fat and heavy, it is not recommended to sleep with it because it is pressed on you when it is pressed on you It may be crushed at any time, which may cause you to have difficulty breathing, uncomfortable chest.

  2. Those who sleep with cats may have these 5 major disadvantages,
    . Allergies are caused, itching of the skin
    The skin sensitive shoveling officer should not sleep with the cat. It is best not to let the cat go to bed because Cats have some parasites and the like, although you often take a bath. Moreover, after contact with pets, it may increase the opportunity to attack asthma, so people who are allergic to some pets do not recommend raising pets, let alone sleep with pets.
    . The body's immunity decreases
    not just your immunity will decrease, and the same is true for cats. After sleeping with cats for a long time, the body's immunity will decrease, and in many aspects of environmental factors, fungal infections or cat moss may occur. Similarly, humans have a certain amount of cats that may be transmitted to their own cats, affecting cat's health.
    . Reduce the amount of cat exercise
    This cat sleeps during the day. You still sleep with you at night. The exercise time is getting less and less, and the amount of drinking water will decrease. Such a consequences cause the cat's dry knot or even giant colon, sometimes in a few days to unlock the stool. Therefore, let cats develop from a young age to sleep outside the bedroom, follow the nature of the cat at night, can play and eat cat food normally, and drink plenty of water to avoid some diseases that should not be obtained.
    . Fourth, non -hygiene
    According to statistics, the number of cats to cat sand pots a day is at least 5 times, and cats have the habit of buried excrement on the claws. Therefore Essence If the cat goes into bed into the bed, it means that these cat litter and dirty things remaining on the claws have entered your quilt. Even if there is no cleanliness, people may be unbearable.
    Therefore, although it is really happy to sleep with the cat, it still has to be restrained. It is good for you to be a cat or yourself, so don't be more comfortable for a moment, it will bring permanent damage.

  3. The cat like other animals will also remove hair, and produces some tiny particles like dandruff. Sleep with the cat, the bed bedding is easy to stick to hair, and the room is full of dandruff. It is also easy to cause allergies. If you have asthma or certain allergies, you should not sleep with cats, or even let them enter the bedroom.

  4. Sleeping together with cats will affect the quality of sleep, because cats generally do not feel at dawn, and cats walk around in the middle of the night. If your sleep is lighter, you will often be awakened by cats.

  5. There are two aspects of the hazards of people and cats sleeping together,
    1. Infectious diseases, bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses carried by cat fur, claw armor, and saliva into the human body , Cat caught disease, toxoplasma and rabies. Cats are a hairy animal. In addition to hair loss and scales, cats often have ringworm and fleas, and other parasites have hidden health hazards to the human body.
    2. Long -term cat raising may cause allergic rhinitis and asthma disease

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