What should I do if the kitten always loves people?

What should I do if the kitten always loves people?

5 thoughts on “What should I do if the kitten always loves people?”

  1. 1. Cats may catch people because the cat wants to play with the owner or the cat is more nervous about the current environment. In this case, buying some cat scratch plates, cat climbing racks and other toys for cats can be used. Energy, reduce the sharpness of cat's claws, avoid being caught, try to appease the cat's emotions as much as possible in an environment where cats are not familiar with and eliminate cats' tension.
    2, cats catch people to bite people, the owner immediately stops the cat to correct the bad habit of cat. When the cat is younger, because he does not know the severity, he may not put his paws, so it causes a mistake to hurt the owner. But grow up slowly, they will learn to put away their nails. You can prepare cats and toys for cats, so that they can know when to extend nails and bite toys.

  2. It loves to grab people because when it is young, it has to grind its claws
    1, and regularly cut its nails
    2, and give it toys that can be used to grind claws (pet hospitals are available)
    3, it, it, it, it, it, it, it, it You do n’t need to be afraid when you catch you, you wo n’t hurt you, just play with you
    4, kittens like to hug it, and like people to play with it, so we must be more patient with pets ~!

  3. It ’s normal for kittens to catch people. If you cut it too much, you will bleed too much. Just cut off your tip!
    . Finally, I hope there are more kind people to rescue the abandoned animals. They are helpless. If you have the ability, please stretch out your hand!

  4. The kitten is lively and likes to play with people. If you are afraid of being injured, cut his nails regularly, be careful not to cut too much.

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