3 thoughts on “What cat is this? Long hair or short hair?”

  1. Judging from your pictures, you are just a rural cat, which is a short -haired variety.
    Therena cats are our local varieties and have been widely raised in my country for a long time. In the past, we raised this cat mainly to capture mice, and now we are mostly raised as pet cats. Garden cat hair color varieties are very rich. You are just one of them.
    Therenia cats are the collective name for Chinese native cats. Among them, raccoon cats, orange cats (yellow raccoon), Sichuan Jianzhou cat (four -eared cat), three flower cats, white cats, black cats (mysterious cats), black and white cats, yellow cats, Shandong lion cats and other varieties, Among them, raccoon cats and yellow raccoon are the most common (gray raccoon cats are relatively rare). Among them, the orange cat is the most prone to fat, while the pure white long hair and different eyes are particularly rare and precious.
    Therennia cats are as shown in Figure:

  2. The Chinese pastoral cat of the raccoon blood is about 2 to 3 months long -haired cats. This cat is smart and sticky, strong self -care, and each hairy child is cute, raised well, and treat them well. There will be a lot of fun.

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