What should I do if the cat refuses to take a bath?

My family raised a cat and fled as soon as I stained the water. Intersection That master gives a method a little bit!
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  1. The normal body temperature of the cat is 38 ~ 39 degrees, so the temperature of the water for it is more than the temperature of the water you feel about.
    It is best to have pets for pets, otherwise the bath solution used by people is preferably without adding.
    This should also be prepared to absorb water and fast towels, which are sold outside, which is very cheap; be sure to prepare a hair dryer. Now even the northeast is not warm in the house.

    The preparations can start washing after finishing the work. It is important to hold the cat for two people. It may be struggling. Bar. Another person can wash it. Pay attention to the ears and eyes. Do not enter the water. It doesn't matter if you get wet on your body, you can hit the shower gel. There may not be a lot of bubbles, but it is enough to wash it. Discover. Then quickly flush the bath.

    The whole process must be decided quickly, and then quickly wrap the cat with a water absorption towel. Most of the water is dried with a hair dryer, open the wind, and blows away from it 15 cm. Be sure to blow at least 90 % of them, and then accompany the cat in a warm place. Essence Essence

  2. Intentionally or unintentionally get a few drops of water (good warm water) to it. Essence Essence Let it get used to it. Essence Essence

  3. Cats are afraid of water, you find a barrel more than the cat twice or double, and get some small things to attract the cat

  4. Cats are generally afraid of water, and they are afraid of being flooded. You have to get less water on him. When he resists, he strokes and comforts him. Do not use violence. There will be no danger when taking a bath

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