2 thoughts on “Cats are scattered during the day, can I close the cage at night?”

  1. Cats like freedom, it is best not to put cats in a cage, otherwise it will cause cats to have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and sensitivity.
    mn cats belong to nightlife animals, and most of the day belong to sleep. If the cat is not allowed at night, it is easy to cause cats to obese, and the physical fitness will be relatively reduced.
    icated that the cats in your home can adapt to the cage. Generally, the current pet cats are similar to the human schedule and the human schedule, and you will sleep and rest at night without having to deal with your own hunting and food. Just rest, no matter if you don't make trouble or toss.
    usually sleeping during the day and activities at night, but after being locked in the cage, it limits its activities, causing cats to have not enough exercise daily.
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  2. not good.
    This is an animal that advocates freedom. The cat’s emotions are more sensitive, and it is easy to have some mental problems such as depression and anxiety. When the cat is closed at night, it is easy to appear due to fear. Causes the complaint of neighbors in the people.
    This method:
    The cats that cats are docile, smart and lively. As family pets, they already have a long history. In Europe and the United States, the family cat is particularly high. Cat training should be grabbed from a young age, first understand the cat's temper, and then choose different ways to train according to the need. The following methods can be used for options: forced, induced, rewarded, punished, and shouted.
    Is when you prepare everything for cats, you should carefully check whether there is a unsafe factor in a strange cat in the home.

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