1 thought on “How to make the kitten eat well”

  1. 1. Reasonable feeding is true
    Sometimes there are too many cat owners to feed cats. For example, they often eat cat food for cats, and cats themselves will not control their diet. If you support your belly, you will have no appetite. Therefore, the cat owner wants to control the cat's diet. He can only eat 2-3 meals a day, and you can only remove the food if you eat seven or eight cents.
    If it is a kitten for less than 3 months, if the cat owner feeds cat food, the cat will not have appetite. For kittens, liquid foods such as milk powder and minced meat porridge are its favorite.
    2. Love to eat is the last word
    The cat is very sensitive to food. I do n’t want to eat this cat food; or for the first time to feed cat food, cats do not like to eat, indicating that cats do not like the taste of this cat food. So at this time, you need to replace another cat food for the cat.
    3. For the cats that enhance appetite for cats
    Is if the cat usually eats normally, it suddenly does not eat. Even if you are hungry, you do n’t eat a few meals. You need to eat cats to want stomach motivation, give it to save the stomach, and enhance appetite.

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