5 thoughts on “How much is the puppet, how much is a puppet cat? How much is the purebred puppet?”

  1. Looking at the bloodline, below 5000 backyard, 6000 descendants, dual -C descendant pet level 10,000 , breeding level 3000 , race level 40,000 or more, the best race level 50,000 , the double C pet -level descendants who get high titles 30000 , breeding levels and competition levels around 50,000, the best race -level general cat house will not be sold

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello ~ The price of the unified blood of the puppet cats will be 6000-10,000 yuannThe puppet cat (scientific name: Ragdoll), known as the fairy cat, Brador cat, belongs to the genus of the cat, is one of the largest and heaviest cats in the existing body. The puppet cats are mainly distributed in the United States and Britain. It has a soft and slender hair, and it needs to be combed and cleaned frequently to prevent knots. This variety was cultivated by American Ann Baker in the 1960s. Because of her docile temperament, it was named after holding it like a soft puppet.nDearn1 morenBleak

  3. There are also many types of pure species. If you are a novice, do n’t pursue “pure”. The game -level puppets can reach 4W. The best match level is 5W . Essence The backyard level is the puppet cat that is blindly matched with the folk, which requires 5,000 yuan. Single C offspring is at least 6000. Single C is that his parents have a "certificate" to prove his blood. Double C descendants need 1W , that is, parents have certificates. This should be regarded as a "purebred" puppet cat in your mouth.
    I said that, the pace of the game is the purest. He does not have a little miscellaneous color, and the production of the race variety is difficult. Generally, there are no one in a few nests. , Will be eliminated as a breeding level. Of course, there are C proves on breeding levels. Basically, it is pure species.
    So buy a pure -breed puppet cat in your mouth, at least 1W.

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