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  1. The planning of real estate projects mainly focuses on project positioning. During the project positioning decision -making process, a complete positioning system is formed by market positioning, functional positioning, and identity positioning. Considering the needs of competition and profit -seeking and avoiding harm, a differentiated positioning system is often formed.nIn this differentiated positioning system, market positioning is undoubtedly the top priority. It includes regional positioning, customer positioning, apartment positioning, and property management positioning. Market positioning determines the positioning of the target customer base. At this time, the in -depth analysis of the target customer group is to be more accurate and effective for project promotion. The results of the analysis here will determine the entire public relations plan, including the selection, combination of the media, the promotional theme, strength, the way of demands, and other auxiliary methods. At the same time, the price positioning and payment methods must also look at the economic background of the target customers. The background analysis of the target customer base includes two aspects, namely the economic background and cultural background.nEconomic background refers to the economic strength and industry characteristics of target customers. If it is a company, we must understand their strength, scale, and business management model; they can bear how high rent, usually buying or renting properties. What are the requirements for project image, decoration, and property management; what industry do they belong to, and what industry they are dependent on each other, their degree to identity, the degree of calculation of peers or other industries.nFor example, small and medium -sized trading companies usually do not buy properties because they need a lot of mobile funds, and the institutions of these companies are relatively streamlined. Therefore, small -area office buildings are more popular. In addition, because there are fewer personnel in such companies, there are fewer personnel personnel in such companies. The business volume is large, and the customer has a lot of contacts. Therefore, low -charged business services will be very popular. If it is a large consortium, because of the care of the status, they often buy the property throughout the layer and the whole level, but at the same time, they are very picky about the image grade of the property and other supporting facilities. Sometimes they are unwilling to let go of the name of the building.nIf the target customer is a family, then you must understand the income and consumption level of these families. The degree of their identities, their requirements for the property focus on which aspects. For example, the working class, one -time payment is obviously incomplete for them. Even if there is a bank mortgage, the first period of the amount and the mortgage interest rate are also very burdensome. It is practical and not as unreasonable; while rich people are different, and the practicality of light can no longer meet their needs. They must fully enjoy life. This will affect their status. I live somewhere, and when the listener looked enviously, it was a noble residential area, so I was so embarrassed! So the speaker was so beautiful, and he would say that although my suit was more expensive, it was still cost -effective.nToday, personal purchase has become the mainstream, researching ordinary residential housing groups actually use family as a research unit. Real estate developers must carefully study the target customer group. In addition to analyzing the customer's economic background and demand tendency, they must also carefully analyze the purchase behavior of the target customers. In a family, whether the decision to buy a house is the master or the hostess. Everyone must attract full attention of developers.nThe reason why the cultural background of the target customer base is to analyze because people's status is different and its cultural level is different, or you have to say that the difference in cultural levels determines that people's status is different. Anyway, cultural cultural anyway. The differences in the level determine the different behavioral habits and the different understanding of things. This is important to the promotion of real estate, so it is necessary to understand and analyze.nThe content you need to understand mainly include:nWhat levels of cultural atmosphere do they have more recognitionnWhere are their regular consumer venues and casuals?nAre they accustomed to emotional thinking or rational thinkingnFor example, your target customer is a high -cultural intellectual, so at the time of promotion, you consciously highlight the elegant community cultural atmosphere. In the advertising term, a few Tang poems and Song words are in line with their taste. What you highlights is luxury decoration and high consumer places in the community or nearby, which just hit their heart disease.nThe reason why television and comprehensive newspapers and magazines are called popular media because it conforms to the tastes of most people, so Volkswagen media has become the main launching point for real estate promotion advertisements, but the big bosses have not had so much time to go See, they prefer to read professional newspapers and magazines, because it belongs to the work category. If your property is promoted to them, it is too wasteful to make advertisements on the mass media. At present, the famous mass media in the domestic market The advertising price is not cheap.nThe target customers of office buildings and shops are savvy businessmen. They are used to rational thinking and are good at calculation. Therefore, it is unrealistic to use the three -inch tongue to impress them when promoting them. It is more realistic to accompany them to settle accounts, especially large companies. Their decision is made by the board. They do not need any exaggerated advertising words and only need real and detailed data.nOrdinary people are not as calm as merchants, so their psychological bearing ability when buying a house is much weaker, and any small mistakes are enough to make them retreat.nAnyone will have taboos, big companies, small companies, and ordinary people, knowing the taboos of target customers can avoid unnecessary mistakes.nTherefore, in the real estate project positioning system, carefully, carefully, and accurately analyze the target customer group, which will be an important part of real estate developers to achieve good sales and promotion performance.

  2. As we all know, any enterprise can obtain social identity and shareholder income through the provision of product (service) from the downstream of the industrial chain. Most of the time, companies cannot enrich their product functions to the realm of all customers who can serve similar products, and cannot realize value transmission in the entire interbank market. As a result, enterprises provide specific customers with specific connotation product value for their own capabilities. These specific customers are "target customer groups".
    defined the target customer group. The next goal of the enterprise is to clearly explicitly provide the product value to the target customer group. To this end, the company needs to understand the different needs of consumers from multiple angles:
    1 2. Combine the data in different variables: geographical analysis, population statistics, psychological research, behavioral research and demand research data, bringing meaningful and operable target customer group needs to define the outline.
    2. Skilled investigations and research on consumer: questionnaires, discussions, family visits, organizational training camps, and understanding consumer lives every day.
    3. Understand the product experience of consumers in addition to functional benefits: unsatisfactory personality needs or psychological superiority that has not been valued.
    In order to bring better benefits to the enterprise through the target customer group, enterprises need to understand their true needs from various aspects such as consumer behavior, attitude, belief, and purchasing power:
    1. Quantitative analysis : Basic summary of consumer behavior in the market, such as product testing, packaging testing, advertising copy test, etc.
    2. Basic consumer research: active for a category or product basic behavior of consumers in the product To understanding. For example, business classification research, brand asset survey, habits and experience research, etc.
    3. Experienced consumer research: In -depth research on consumers, analyze the linity and quantitative research with consumers' lives.

  3. Why find the target customer group?
    In the development of the Internet and the intensification of the competition in the consumer market: new brands, new tracks, new channels, and new marketing play are endless. Under the market pattern of rapid evolution, how to establish competitive barriers and continue to grow, it is necessary to regain the background of the rise of new consumption in the digital era, take insight into consumer experience as the core, reshape the brand value, and carefully lay out the growth strategy of growth.
    Only by comprehensively and delicately tap consumers' mental changes, such as the age, gender, consumption habits, life status, interest points and other information of consumers can provide the correct direction for the next internal innovation. High -quality consumer experience is the key to improving brand loyalty, and it is also an important foundation for enterprises to maintain a stable profit model. With the development of the Internet and the intensification of the consumer market competition, every social media released by consumers, every social interaction, and every online purchase reflect consumer habits, attitudes and behaviors. Collecting, analyzing these data, and formulating effective consumer experience decisions for the business is the business of the enterprise's business, and it is also a differentiated method of leverage growth.
    Om how to analyze the target customer group?
    The traditional market adjustment -time -consuming, labor -consuming, high costs, limited samples, and the possibility of hidden real ideas for interviewees.
    Social media big data -conforms to user communication and online behavior habits. Without manpower and data, it can be collected automatically all -weather. The amount of data and analysis dimensions is richer, more objective and credible.
    The traditional user data collection has the following challenges:
    01 online and offline customers experience a wide range of contacts. The fragmented information is scattered in various departments of the enterprise. Empower management decision.
    02 Traditional research samples and long execution cycles, statistical results often lag behind consumption trends, and it is difficult to transform into executable insights to empower product innovation and marketing growth.
    03 Market intelligence data sources are thin, it is difficult to cope with the rapid evolution of market competition pattern, lack of unified tools for competition to target, and cannot be confirmed.
    Therefore, how to obtain accurate user portraits, labels and analysis
    The consumer experience insight based on real -time big data and machine learning algorithm, is an effective solution to truly organize corporate resource allocation "with consumers as the core". Consumption experience insight can help enterprises quickly collect and understand consumer needs, product reputation, competition dynamics, new product trends and consumer hotspots, and then drive professional sectors of marketing, research and development, customer experience, retail operations and other functional departments to seize business opportunities and respond agilely to respond to agile responses Consumption market in rapid changes.

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