2 thoughts on “What are the funny group talks?”

  1. 1. Senior Exchange Center
    2, the daughters left in the people
    3, the little fairy of the five 05
    4, the middle -aged girl health group
    5, Internet celebrity exchange group
    6, beautiful girl club
    7, authoritative certification fan group
    8, advanced support organization
    9, red envelope express company
    10, fish pond breeding technology exchange group
    11, simple simplicity Zhai
    12, World Invisible Rich Group
    13, Little Aunt and Little Aunt Rich Team
    14, Jingzhong Reporting Guo Guo
    15, Super Short Group
    16, Tsinghua Beida List List
    17, Lost Love Love Front alliance
    18, sand sculpture hair online consultation
    19, four melons on a vine
    20, single dog protection association
    21, all A represents extraordinary
    22, hairline line line, hairline line Protection Association

  2. 1. The children of the poor early monk
    2, Shaolin Iron head
    3, Heizhou non -human
    4, descending dragon Robin Han
    5, understanding of people's clothes n6, heat stroke village
    7, love handsome
    8, painting foot add snake
    9, tomato niche.
    10, panting night pig
    11, you are very abstract.
    12, summer,
    13, in those years, small note on the examination room °
    14, large exclusive
    15, ★ stumbling ★
    16, defeat I will be defeated to you
    17, ゝ 村
    18, natural pretentious
    19, wretched 旳 plot-
    20, super invincible head dog
    21, deadly scissors hand r r r r r r r

    22, everyone is familiar with everyone,

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