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  1. There are five modes:
    mode 1: above the fan, what is the difference between the community
    ? Fans are a kind of emotional bond. The brand either turns fans into consumers, or consumers must be turned into fans. Starting from Apple, Jobs' fruit powder is a typical fan link.
    . Xiaomi mobile phone is also a brand created by the link with the emotion and value identity of the fans. Luo Yonghao's hammer mobile phone is essentially the loyal fan group. Lao Luo's hammer logic is that even if the hammer mobile phone pricing More than 3,000 yuan, but fan groups with the same feelings and aesthetics will definitely agree with this value.
    Mon’t discuss what his mobile phone is in the future. In just this, he can at least be a mobile phone of a niche fan-and in marketing. In fact, he can reduce the cost of users. In the future, in the future, He also needs to continue to tap the related needs and value of fans, which is the new business rules of the community-the community to define users and operate the community to dig out the demand for an extension based on core products. Wang-define the product first, then find the consumer group, and then run the user.
    Model 2: The era of users participating in the "smart manufacturing" products
    The industrial era, enterprises emphasized "manufacturing", "manufacturing" is an enterprise -centric business model. In the Internet era, consumers want to participate in the "creation", so they enter the era of a new user "smart manufacturing" product.
    The characteristic of this era is that companies never feel that they know all user needs, but to let users participate in the process of providing demand, and even invite users to participate in the solution of consumer demand. Enterprises need to set up " Tucao communities "and" innovation communities ", and know how to use the content of consumers in these communities as innovation. The "Tucao Community" and "Innovation Community" are the place where consumers have pain points.
    For example, the public self-created platform that Volkswagen once established, from the end of May 2011 to the end of May 2013, with an interview with 14 million users, contributed 250,000 car-making ideas. However, it can get the needs of many cars through this platform.
    Model 3: The new ecosystem in the form of "crowdfunding"
    The word "crowdfunding" has been very hot since last year. Through the Internet, crowdfunding has tapped and gathered to find out the original very scattered consumers and investors, and found a brand new ecosystem for those creative, innovative and personalized products. For example, Alibaba and the "entertainment treasure" launched by Guohua Life allows film and television and game enthusiasts to invest with little funds. In essence, this is a wealth management product. However, in the model, this is a crowdfunding. Entertainment fund products. "Crowdfunding" is a product of personalized, customized, and decentralized, changing the role of consumers, making fans and communities may become innovative business promoters and investors. This is a new community business.
    Model 4: Scenario marketing model is in full swing
    Is smart home, mobile terminal, wearing market, big data, real -time sensors, etc., all have links in various dimensions and users. This link usually exists in consumers Specific scene. Many times, marketing must touch consumers, and must have a matching scenario, and the development of new technologies makes it easier to capture this scene at any time, such as wearing a market, such as mobile Internet and arbitrary advertising screens and terminal links.
    For example, in the office scene, if you can quickly obtain the brand's specialty store or retail terminal coupon, or some local consumption of consumption, maybe you will eat at noon, go to the time of dinner at work, go to the time of the meal, go to the time of the meal, go to the time of the meal, go to the time of the meal, go to the time of the meal. The surrounding business district is going to launch a shopping activity, or you may go to the office e -commerce platform to shop due to the links of the QR code on the screen of the office building. If marketing cannot let consumers touch the scene or move, it will become a compulsory and rude advertising push, and the observation of user scenes and the manufacture of new scenes can bring new communication opportunities.
    Model 5: Customer service that responds in real -time response
    Today, each enterprise must respond in real time and real -time response to the needs of consumers. The development of mobile Internet technology allows consumers to focus on real -time demand. At the same time, companies will also change the form of services, such as the emergence of WeChat customer service and the management of social customer relationships.
    For example, China Merchants Bank started WeChat customer service in March 2013. As long as the credit card is bundled with the WeChat client of China Merchants Bank, you can complete the query query, bill details, mobile phone repayment and other businesses through the credit card "WeChat service" In July 2013, China Merchants Bank once again announced the upgrade of the WeChat platform and launched the first "WeChat Bank" with a new concept. Service platform; for example, the WeChat account of Southern Airlines can provide services to the boarding pass. This real -time corresponding service will bring a new experience of users.

  2. I. The production mode of users' participation
    The "production and consumer" is actually the integration of producers and consumer status, while community members have three identities of consumers, producers, and communicators. This mechanism that users participate in and produce just meet the competitive needs of the mobile Internet. In this era of mobile Internet, user needs are becoming more and more personalized and refined, and the existence of the community just properly solves these problems.
    . The marketing model of the brand community
    The characteristics of the community redefine the past marketing theory and reshape the relationship between corporate brands, communities and consumers.
    1. Brand community marketing is more real -time interactive
    In the connection method of the community, the interaction between enterprises and consumers is more real -time, and one -on -one or one -to -one real -time interaction can be performed. In the process of interaction, it can also enhance consumers' emotional experience and value recognition of corporate brands, increase loyalty to the brand, and increase brand value.
    2, brand community marketing focuses on participation
    The most effective marketing communication is word of mouth communication. Community members are these reputation. Therefore, enterprises must continuously activate users to spread word of mouth, stimulate members' enthusiasm, and meet the needs of users in order to bring the motivation to the membership. Let fans participate in the development and dissemination of products, continue to upgrade products to maintain the popularity of fans, pay attention to and respond to fans' feedback in real time, and create a refined product service experience.
    . The consumption mode of experience first
    The characteristics of emotional experience and value recognition of the product, which forms a consumer model of product experience supremacy. The traditional experience economy mainly emphasizes the service experience of users in the consumption process; the community economy is the development of the economy, which penetrates all aspects of the entire industrial chain.

  3. The community has three core functions, which gather, communicate and cooperate, and commercial monetization. The results corresponding to these three major functions are precipitated users, activating user participation, trust, and revitalizing the fan economy.

  4. IP community scene sharing economy angel empowerment, establish the community with IP as the core, and grafes various business models through the community.

  5. At present, the most common methods of community monetization are the following three types:
    1. Circles into products
    to make the community circle into a product, provided that you need to make a community that makes people unable to copy easily. The particularity of the community can be content, members, or around the theme, and bring a strong sense of user participation through effective community operations. In order to maintain this type of community, it is essentially relying on word -of -mouth marketing.
    The specific implementation method can be referred to: how does the UE interaction realize it?
    2. Gathering traffic is realized
    Caping traffic to monetize, that is, gather private domain flow in the community circle, and achieve monetization profit by promoting products and products. It becomes a channel that can do a variety of promotion, because the crowd in the community is more accurate and the transaction rate is higher.
    It simply speaking, this is to gather traffic and use these traffic to make a profit.
    3. Create a membership system
    This to build an exclusive and customized member system for your own community circle to achieve stratified and precise operations between different circles and members, screen out your own Super users, increase user stickiness, and give members a social currency -like circle of honor. At the same time, through member equity functions, merchants can also expand the monetization channels for the community, create the type of circle of members, and realize the "member-circle-members" commercial closed-loop model with members-centered circles.
    The member rights function of interactive planet is now exclusive to the company's version.
    1. Your rights and interests you are the main {customized allocation of equity rules}
    member rights functions support the details of ultra -high freedom. Merchants can conduct equity in the background of the interactive planetary enterprise version according to actual needs. Configuration. Including the name of the equity, the amount, the validity period, the type of equity, the description of the equity, and the circles required for the equity, etc., can all be customized editors, which can meet the multi -scenario needs of merchants in the use of equity.
    The circles in the education industry as an example, merchants can open membership rights and interests in the background, and disassemble the rights and interests to the corresponding rights and interests for each subject or the specific circle under the grade. For example, the circle of learning English can be added with equity 1, and the circle of learning mathematics is equity 2. In addition, it can also create a equity 3, which also includes two circles to meet the multiple purchase needs of members.
    2. Gift, not only gifts {Support free gifts}
    In addition to directly purchasing, membership rights and free gifts are available. Code picture gifts or direct gifts, users can check the rights and interest details after logging in to the applet.
    If, in addition to being used as benefits, it can also be used as a prize for award. For example, an online event can be held in the free circle to create content creation around the theme. After the member registration activities, the content creation and release in the circle are selected. The rights and interests of paid circles are to increase the activity of the circle and create a sense of activity ritual.
    3. Let sharing no longer limited to verbal recommendation {can generate poster

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