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  1. Excellent fuel economy is the demand for many consumers, because it can reduce consumer car costs and save a lot of real gold and silver. Today, let's take a look at a member of many models -BMW 5 Series (imported) 2021 525IM sports suits, and then calculate its landing price for everyone.

    BMW 5 Series (imported) 2021 525IM sports suits are equipped with a 2.0TL4 engine. The maximum power of the engine is 184 horsepower, the peak torque is 290 N · m. The speed is 235km/h, and the official 0-100km/h accelerates to 7.8s.
    The functional configuration, BMW 5 Series (imported) is equipped with seven safety configurations such as passive pedestrian protection, main/co -driving airbag, front/rear head airbags. In addition, the car is equipped with fifteen comfort configurations such as electric sunroof, active closed intake grille, and automatic air conditioning.
    In look at the floor price, we take the lowest 2021 525IM sports suit of the BMW 5 Series (imported) as an example. If you buy a car, plus commercial insurance and other necessary costs, the landing price is about 477,625 yuan; if you want to loan to buy a car, the down payment ratio is 30%, the loan period is calculated in 3 years, and the down payment requires 127,170 yuan to land. The monthly supply is 9229 yuan.
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