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  1. 1. Open Alipay, enter the homepage, click [Citizen Center]

    2, let's click [Enterprise Service]

    3, then click [Human Loch Industrial and Commercial Registration] R

    4, last click [Confirm Payment] to complete the registration

    This clinic refers to the non -seeing person, accompanied by the clinic person to diagnose or treat the condition. Patients went to the hospital together. Instead of registration, queuing, charging, etc., you can save a lot of time and energy.

    Legal analysis: 1. Open Alipay, enter the homepage, click [Citizen Center]

    2, let's click [Enterprise Service]

    3,, Then click [Human Nest Industry and Commerce Registration]

    4, click [Confirm Payment] to complete the registration

    Diagnosis or treatment is generally accompanied by patients without patients to go to the hospital for treatment. Instead of registration, queuing, charging, etc., you can save a lot of time and energy.

    The pension and health industry is currently developing rapidly. As the aging process has intensified, the country has also promulgated a series of new policies to encourage the development of the nursing service market. At present, the demand for the care service market has grown rapidly, the supply supply gap is huge, and the supply and demand is seriously unbalanced. In this situation, many entrepreneurs consider entering the nursing service industry and pioneering new markets.

    It the operation of the company needs standardized management of the caregiver. Traditional management requires a lot of manpower and material resources. Through the implementation of the management of the caregiver, the protection service needs of the customer can be distributed in combination with the needs of customers to distribute, and the service can be controlled to achieve more effort. Instant protection has independent development of smart companionship systems. In addition to daily operating information management needs, it also provides financial monitoring, digital screen, and quality monitoring. In terms of offline management, the security can also provide management solutions and counseling. Through online and offline standardized operations, it provides a comprehensive operation and investment guarantee for each partner.

    It enter the accompanying industry and carry out hospital cooperation projects. In the absence of industry experience, crossing the river with stones may cause entrepreneurs and investors to face greater risks. Choosing to join the industry, through platform access and counseling, and establish a healthy business model is a direction that entrepreneurs and investors can consider.

    The people go faster and a group of people go further. The future development space of the elderly and health industry is huge, and the choice of high -quality partners can move forward in order to achieve better development on the future development path.

    The legal basis: According to the "Law of the People's Republic of China", doctors with an employment qualification certificate must be legally engaged in medical activities in their registered medical institutions. Housekeeping companies are not registered medical institutions, so the qualifications of the visitors have yet to be investigated. Secondly, according to relevant documents, the amendment of the medical documents (prescriptions) must be modified and signed by the doctor himself, or the superior doctors adjust the dispute items.

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