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  1. The main listed companies of the iron ore industry: Headian Steel Resources (000923.SZ), Hainan Mining (601969.SH), Jinling Mining (000655.SZ), Greater and Medium Mining (001203.SZ), etc.
    If this article core data: global iron ore output, global iron ore import market structure, global iron ore price
    global iron ore supply scale fluctuation growth
    Iron ore contains iron single quality Or the mineral collection that can be used economically, iron ore is an important raw material for steel manufacturers. From 2010-2021, the global use of iron ore output shows a fluctuation growth trend. In 2021, the global iron ore output reached about 2.6 billion tons.
    It from the distribution of iron ore origin, global high -quality iron ore resources are mainly distributed in Australia, Brazil, Russia and other regions. , Brazil's iron ore output accounts for about 60%; from the perspective of corporate output, the Fanshui Valley, Rio
    tinto, BHP, and Fotiski (FMG) Iron ore suppliers have a high monopoly on global high -quality iron ore resources. In 2021, the above four major ore iron ore output accounted for about 45%.
    2011-2015 years, due to the impact of complex factors such as the gradual release of new production capacity and slowing macroeconomic growth in the world, the average price of iron ore decreased year by year The influence of factors such as the gradual balance between the supply and demand of iron ore and the increase in demand for high -grade iron ore. The overall growth trend of iron ore prices has driven the global iron ore market to increase the average price of the iron ore market. In 2021, the global iron ore mining market exceeded $ 300 billion.
    The global iron ore consumer market is mainly China
    . At present, China is the world's largest steel manufacturing country and the main consumption place for global iron ore. In recent years, China's iron ore imports account for more than 70%of the total global iron ore imports, followed by the European Union, Japan, South Korea and India.
    Note: In the inner circle 2020, the outer circle 2021
    The global iron ore prices have continued to high in the past two years
    In the past two years, affected by the global new crown epidemic, iron ore trade and supply Chain stability and other aspects are hindered. In mid -2020, due to the increase in demand in China, the supply of supply in Brazil continued to interrupt, which led to the surge in global iron ore prices. In June 2021, the highest point was US $ 214.43/ton, exceeding the average price of 2019 two times the year average price of 2 times the annual price of 2019 , Subsequently declined but the overall remains in a high level. It is expected that as the global supply and demand market will gradually return to normal in the future, global iron ore prices will fall further.
    The above data comes from the "Analysis Report of the Global Iron ore Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report".

  2. my country is the world's largest steel producer. In 2012, the output of crude steel in my country reached 717 million tons, an increase of 3.1%year -on -year; the output of raw iron was 658 million tons, a year -on -year increase of 1.9%. In the first three quarters of 2013, the cumulative output of crude steel in my country was 587 million tons, and the cumulative production of raw iron was 540 million tons. It is expected that the crude steel for the whole year is about 750 million tons, and the production of raw iron will exceed 700 million tons.
    I., as the main raw material for production of steel, my country has also become the world's largest iron ore consumer and importing countries. Due to the production and quality of domestic iron ore, it cannot meet the demand for steel production, so China needs to import a large number of iron ore.
    The "2014-2018 global iron ore industry market forward-looking and investment strategic planning analysis report" released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute shows that in 2001, the imported iron ore in my country was 92.393 million tons, an increase of 32.04% over the previous year. Essence By 2002, my country's iron ore imports exceeded 10 million tons, reaching 111 million tons, a year -on -year increase of 20.67%. In the past few years, my country's iron ore imports have been high, and the annual growth rate has been above 30%. Until 2010, my country's iron ore import growth momentum slowed down, a slight decrease from 2009, ending the momentum of rising at a high speed since 2000, and then slowing down. In 2012, my country imported 744 million tons of iron ore, a new high of 8.4%year -on -year.

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