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  1. The members of the whole group include all the personnel of the company, notifying the important news of all staff of the company, which is suitable for publishing to the entire group. If you add a new member to the company, it will automatically join the entire group. The employees themselves cannot enter the nailing enterprise group directly. They need to establish a group owner or business administrator of the corporate group to pull employees into the group via the phone number.
    Dingtalk is China's leading smart mobile office platform. It was developed by Alibaba Group and officially launched in January 2015. The platform is free to all Chinese enterprises for business communication and work synergy, helping Chinese companies through systematic solutions to comprehensively improve the communication and synergy efficiency of Chinese enterprises. The Ding message sent by the nail will be notified to the other party by free phone or free SMS or free SMS or application message. Regardless of whether the mobile phone is equipped with a nail app, whether the network traffic is turned on, you can receive the DING message, and the information that achieves obstacles will be reached. When the receiver receives the ding message reminding the phone, the number is displayed as the sender's phone number. After the receiver answers the phone to hear the sender's voice information, if it is text information, the system will report the text to the listener. You can directly respond to the voice, and you can receive the reply in a timely manner.
    In more about how to join the all -member group, enter: m./ask/? ZD view more content

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