Hainan Real Estate Association: Non -residential real estate projects shall not publicize unlimited purchase and unlimited loan

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  1. On July 21, the Hainan Provincial Real Estate Industry Association issued the "Proposal on Regulating the Real Estate Market Sales and Propaganda Actions", which proposed housing enterprises and employees to strictly implement the current purchase restriction policy, standardize advertising behavior, and strictly implement the Hainan provincial purchase restriction and control policy Wait six measures.
    The proposal shows that according to the special rectification of the real estate market in Hainan Province and the relevant work deployment of the real estate network propaganda advertising governance, in order to further maintain the stability and health of the real estate market, advocate the spirit of honesty and trustworthiness, and continuously regulate the real estate market order, Hainan Province's real estate industry industry industry The association calls on members, real estate enterprises and industries to strengthen self -discipline, strictly abide by the regulations of various real estate regulation and control policies, and jointly promote the sustainable and orderly development of the real estate industry.
    The Hainan Provincial Real Estate Association initiative, members of all member units, real estate enterprises and industry employees should adhere to the main tone of "housing do not fry", strictly follow the implementation of the current purchase restriction policy, standardize advertising behaviors, and conscientiously do their own self. Check the self -correction work and consciously maintain the order of the real estate market. At the same time, the association advocates consciously maintaining an open, fair and transparent market price order. Strictly implement the "one room, one price", refuse to sell, bundle sales, price increase, yin and yang contracts, and refuse to collect or collect funding, deposit, deposit and other behaviors.
    The association proposed that the relevant parties must strictly implement the regulatory policies such as Hainan Province's purchase restrictions. When selling and propagating commercial housing projects, it is necessary to clearly inform buyers to buy commercial housing, which should comply with Hainan Province's purchase restriction policy regulations; when selling and propagating non -residential real estate projects such as commercial, office, LOFT, apartments, etc. Advertising information such as "unlimited purchase" and "unlimited loan" mislead the buyers to buy a house.
    The online publicity activities in accordance with laws and regulations. Member units should strictly implement the main responsibility of online propaganda activities, strengthen self -discipline, and restrict and standardize the commissioned intermediary agencies and online platform publicity advertisements. The real estate sales site and the network propaganda should be comprehensive, accurately indicate the nature of the project's land and useful life, planned purpose, and housing types.
    It strengthen the guidance of positive public opinion in real estate. Standardize operations and promotion behaviors, truly and accurately release commercial housing information, truthfully announce the planning plan and design content that needs to be publicized, do not lift up house prices, do not maliciously speculate, and mislead consumers without publishing false content advertisements or bad information.
    Melly regulate industry operating standards. To display the price filing documents, sales control tables, five certificates, Hainan related purchase restriction documents, etc. in the prominent location of the sales venue, do not cover the sale without covering the sale, and to store houses and monopoly.
    Original title: "Hainan Real Estate Association: Non -residential real estate projects must not publicize unlimited purchase and unlimited loan"

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