1 thought on “Seeking IT supervisor interview questions-urgent”

  1. A supervisor level, doing information planning, is hard for him
    1. We want an IT plan, which aspects do we think from? (Planning, it is difficult, the network (including machine room, server), system (including architecture, platform), personnel (including department, responsibilities), system (including standards, daily systems), security)
    2, multiple subsidiaries How to consider the interconnection? (Network)
    3. Investment guarantee, like the financial industry, high security requirements, what do you think? (Safety)
    4, the status quo of our company's system is ..., what kind of system do you do? What are the aspects of attention? (System)
    5, network maintenance, server, operating system, database familiarity? (Basic Platform)
    6, what will become language?
    7. Implementing an information project, generally divided into those stages, what do you pay attention to?

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