1 thought on “From what channels can you know the information of the industry summit? (when and where)”

  1. This question is very good. Many of the resources and information are the A -end. The terminals that use this information resources are the B -end. The process of channels from A to B is channel. The importance of channels is becoming more and more prominent in the information age. For the industry summit, it can be roughly divided into the following channels:
    1, offline channels: industry association, enterprise industry resource library (supplier, partners, interbank competitors), industry research institutions (such as some consulting companies or consulting companies or inquiries or Think tank), traditional media (paper media, TV media).
    2, online open channels: new media platform (tiger smell, 36 氪, titanium media, wood cutting and other special information websites). These online media channel resources are very rich, and most of them are building communities. Most of the system can get first -hand information.
    3, online expansion channels: a typical example, WeChat group, WeChat business operation method, of course, WeChat groups are different now, and they need to be distinguished from a professional perspective and choose excellence. Including many industry summits now from offline to online, such as Chaos University, Lakeside University, etc., but I think this is just a phased phenomenon.

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