3 thoughts on “Where is the Jiangxi Building Materials Market”

  1. To the bus route 11 of "Jiangxi Province, Nanchang City, Nanchang City Building Materials Market C, No. 11"
    In the 2nd road, 302 outer ring, get off at the South Square of the Railway Station;
    Get off at the train station square;
    Making in the inner ring 18, 189 outer ring, 219th long class, 221, 22, 231 Inner ring, 231 Road, 232, 26 outside the road 26, 26, 26 Ring, Road 27, 2 Road, 302 Inner Ring, No. 302 Road, 305, 307, 5 Inner Ring, 5th Ring Road, 601 Road, No. 9 Line, 9 Inner Ring, No. 9 Wai Ring Ring Road , Airport 1, Airport 2, get off at the train station;

  2. Based on my own experience, I use: Search for relevant information on the Internet first, and then buy a map when I go to the destination, and then ask the people around the destination to listen to the more concentrated places and the building materials city that the product is pushed. Location, then go to one of the markets in the market to communicate more useful information. Pure personal experience hopes to help you.

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