1 thought on “What are the forms of examinations for bank semi -structured interviews and non -leaders?”

  1. Bank interviews are divided into two forms, one is called discussion of the non -leadership group, and the other is called semi -structured interview. The non -leadership group discussed that we called it group, that is, 9 to 11 candidates entered the exam together. The 11 candidates discussed the same question and finally gave the examiner a consistent answer. The semi -structured interview was also called the interview. Single -sided, usually a candidate enters a single person. The examiner will ask questions about 3 to 4 interests to answer the candidates. During the semi -structured interview, everyone should pay attention that there will be a online application resume that candidates have first filled in in the hands of the examiner. The questions raised by each examiner generally come from the online resume that the candidates were filled in at the beginning. You wrote in your online resume that I have participated in student cadres in college and organized a welcoming party. At this time, the examiner will ask you: Please talk about the process of organizing the welcoming party at the time; or you said in the resume to say me in the resume I used to internship in Bank of China and as assistant to the lobby manager. At this time, the examiner is very interested in your work experience. I will ask you to talk about what your job is your job responsibilities when you are the assistant to the lobby manager. What. Therefore, everyone can see that the topic of bank semi -structured interviews basically comes from your resume, so do not fake the online resume, and everyone must remember the online resume you filled in. Many banks now tend to conduct two rounds of interviews during the interview process, a round of discussions without leadership groups, and a half -structured interview, so everyone must master and understand these two interview forms. for reference only

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