As a new type of occupation, "Clinician" became angry on social platforms. What do you think of this profession?

5 thoughts on “As a new type of occupation, "Clinician" became angry on social platforms. What do you think of this profession?”

  1. Recently, the career of the accompanying party is very hot on the Internet. I also heard it for the first time, but after my understanding, I think the reason why this profession is definitely because there are people in this regard in reality. The teacher profession is precisely because of everyone's life needs. This kind of occupation has not experienced a wave recently, and a escort station was built in the hospital early in the last century. However, due to the irregular management system of the original hospital, this major is gradually marginalized.
    What is the role of a clinician?

    Today, many young people leave their hometown and work hard to take care of the elderly at home. If the elderly have a health problem, they need to go to the hospital for examination, they will ask these visitors to accompany their parents to the hospital for physical examination and medical treatment. Many hospitals are now smart, registered, seeing a doctor, taking medicine, and inspection can be completed on the mobile phone, but some elderly people do not use their mobile phones. Everything from mobile phones and other devices. This is the use of the clinician.
    What are the problems with the clinic industry?

    At present, the clinic industry is still in its infancy. There is a phenomenon of chaotic pricing and low entry thresholds. The content of maintenance and consulting is not clear, irregular, and lack of proper monitoring services that can be corrected and standardized. In the first batch of cities Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, it has become popular on social platforms. At present, doctors' escort fees are charged on an hour. The time is very short, about 100 yuan/hour, and less than an hour is calculated in one hour. It can be charged for a long time, usually 400-600 yuan per day. Many institutions have also conducted a few hundred to thousands of yuan. However, the level of training is difficult to describe and there are differences.

    On how to view the clinician?
    personally thinks that the clinician is really useful for the elderly. In addition to eating, drinking, and relaxing, it is also a big need to see a doctor. Many young people live faster and faster, the workload is getting larger and larger, and less and less time to accompany their parents. Now that I go to the hospital, they are basically intelligent. Many elderly people can't understand it at all. And the hospital's registration, consultation, and blood test can be performed on the mobile phone. Sometimes young people are dizzy, let alone an old man who can not use mobile phones.

  2. I think this career development prospect is very good, and it is very fast to make money. It can also help others. It is a very popular industry. People engaged in this industry are now more increasing, and they should have considerable management of this service industry to avoid the development of this industry. And I think the emergence of this industry also proves that our current services are becoming more and more diversified!
    The industry can really help many people, such as the busy working hours, young people who have no time to line up, and what are the elderly who have no children accompanied by their children. They are more serious and lonely. If conditions permit, you can get the accompanying room, so this profession is very meaningful in another aspect, it can make money while achieving self -worth. At the same time, it can also save the time of medical staff, which is regarded as one arrow and three carvings.
    The existence of the accompanying division can help many people solve the problems in reality. At least everyone thinks that the problem that can be solved by money can now find the accompanying teacher, which can also reduce the contradictions of many families. From the perspective of the current employment environment, employment is really difficult now. The emergence of an emerging industry will also help many people to work again to a certain extent. This is also a matter of benefit the people. Why not? And I think the emergence of a clinicist is also the person in the society who really needs such.
    The clinician, as the name suggests, is the person who accompanies the patient diagnosis and treatment. The main work content is registered, consulting, medicine, payment, results, and patient medical treatment. Most of the clients are the elderly, people in different places, pregnant women, and single young people. Statistics show that there are more than 125 million households in our country, and the population has increased alone. At the same time, the emergence of aging and low fertility, as well as the influence of factors such as non -time -sharing, complicated and complicated treatment procedures and processes, restricted travel, etc., the "companion" also came into being. For the lonely ferry, the accompanying partner should get more support and attention from the society. Professional companions not only help people solve real needs, but also provide emotional guidance, bring good emotional value to people, and allow patients to take care of themselves.

  3. This occupation is very good for patients who see a doctor in the field. This profession can save the time of patients and allow patients to have some safety in the hospital. This profession should become a trend in the future.

  4. I think this profession is still very good. It can help many families and can bring convenience to some busy young people.

  5. Any foundation for occupational needs is formed because of demand, and the clinicist alleviates the psychological anxiety of the clinic personnel to a certain extent.

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