Who is Dong Hongchen? What do you do? experience?

So who is the chairman and president of Liqun Group Xu Gongzao? Why is there no introduction to Ms. Dong on the Internet?

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  1. It is Siya, Guangzhou. Ms. Dong Hong (Dong Hongchen)

    16 years old began to start a business. He is currently chairman of Liaoning Provincial Liqun Group. , Chain, real estate industry, wine monopoly, agricultural trade industry, pawn, and other more than ten industries. There are quite rich industrial management experience in the industry.

    The entrepreneur lecturer of Siya Group
    Course is a training system specifically for corporate leadership. The leaders' wisdom refined in the study practice, seeing blood, words into the core, direct reaching the core, humorous language style to solve the problem of the parts in the process of business enterprises

  2. I also checked a lot from the Internet. There was no Liaoning Liqun Group, and Liqun was from Qingdao, Shandong. It was not from Liaoning. I did not find this chairman of Dong Hongchen. The chairman of the domestic group should be easy to find, and it will not be confidential.
    In online, Dong Hongchen is just a lecturer of Siya. The chairman of Siya's own publicity introduces this person without any other network.
    we were invited to listen to the lecture of this person, and we were at the bottom.

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