1 thought on “How to summarize the fitness live broadcast in the WeChat group”

  1. Different exercise daily exercise is different from us to make a period of theme video. Our purpose is to lead everyone to exercise together, overcome inertia, and fix the exercise time. Knowing how many methods are useless, it is most effective only by persisting in practicing. In the process of exercise, new problems will continue to occur, and these problems will be ignored or unacceptable without exercise. We will make some adjustments and guidance for these situations. If you are healthy, you still have to grasp it by yourself.
    Please do not feel that repeating similar exercises is a waste of time and the key to improving health is to persist. The step -by -step, accumulate over time, give yourself a little time, develop good exercise habits, I believe that everyone will soon be improved in the body and mentality.
    The mode of "live " is continuously derived, "live broadcast fitness" has become one of the new, unknown and opportunities. In the traditional sense of fitness coach, in the industry that eats more or less "youth rice", live broadcast as a new career direction has higher requirements for the coach itself and brings more challenges.

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