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  1. Industry Research in Securities Company: Instry Research Industry Researcher: Instry Analyst. The Securities Institute is generally affiliated to the headquarters of the securities company.
    . Industry research in securities companies
    The internal internal is mainly divided into macro analysts (that is, the so -called chief economist), strategic analysts, industry analysts, and some big brokers will also Divide the gold industry, small and medium -sized market value groups, etc. Macro analysts are the research of economic situations, monetary policies, and fiscal policies in the country and even the global and international economic situation; strategic analysts mainly judge the ups and downs of a sector of a region and an industry from an industrial perspective, and focus on the overall industry allocation. Macro analysts and strategic analysts will not pay attention to a company. The number of people in the industry accounts for a big head, and they will group groups according to different industries to cover each listed company. Rating and buying and selling suggestions for single stocks. Macro analysts and strategic analysts in general industries have high requirements on their academic background. Famous universities may have a PhD in education. The chief words generally reach the age of 40. Industry analysts generally require a master's degree or above in a master's degree or above, and the threshold is not low. They are mainly connected with insurance, funds and other buyer agencies, as well as executives of listed companies.
    . Explanation of the Securities Sales Department
    The brokerage business headquarters of general affiliated company headquarters, which directly faces customers who sell and sell trading directly to the forefront. There are more retail investors. Some suggestions for buying and selling stocks, asset allocation strategies, etc., regularly send information to customers to help make investment decisions. The academic qualifications are relatively loose relative to the institute.
    This information: Many securities companies have research institutes. Researchers work in the institute, divided into industry researchers, macro researchers, strategy researchers, and financial engineering researchers.
    1. Industry researcher
    is the largest number. One person or a group tracks the trends of their respective industries and some listed companies in accordance with the industry classification. Insurance company) and other people in need. They are called researchers and can be called analysts. The industry or stocks they recommend are mainly fundamental and supplemented by technology. And a group of people's headquarters also specialize in the market. Strategic researchers in the institute are different. They care about market changes themselves, so they are usually closer to the market, and the SMS sent to customers every day from the business department usually comes from their hands. Their main service targets are business departments and some large customers. They are called investment consultants. The varieties they recommend are often technical, information and hotspots, supplemented by the fundamentals. Each securities business department also has its own investment consultant to provide investment consulting services for customers in the business department, and they less recommend specific stocks.
    2, work content
    The research report, value analysis report, etc. If you do well, you can make the top researcher in the industry. In the market call, especially the call in the institution, it is very large and the treatment will be very high. Other people can transfer to the buyer (such as fund companies) for research, or to invest in investment managers and fund managers. In fact, the researcher's treatment is already very good. Of course, the pressure of work is still very high, especially if you want to do it well. However, in general, researchers are one of the best positions in securities firms. The results of work are not only recognized by the company, but also in society, especially institutional investors. By this point alone, it is easy to accumulate personal reputation. Unlike the self -employed investment manager that everyone is optimistic, their grades can only be effective in the company, and others still do not recognize it after going out.

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