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  1. The WeChat group has a maximum of 500 people. According to WeChat regulations, more than 40 people's WeChat group invites the other party to agree to enter the group. More than 100 people are invited. The other party needs to pass real -name verification to accept the invitation. The WeChat group with non -real -name authentication cannot join.
    It attention should be noted that the group -sweeping QR code can invite up to 200 people at most, and the upper limit of the face construction group is 100 people. After these two groups enter the upper limit, members in the group need to invite others to enter the group.
    In WeChat, personal WeChat has a maximum of 5,000 friends, and the corporate WeChat maximum 50,000 friends are 10 times more than personal WeChat, which is more convenient for enterprises to manage users. There is basically no restrictions on the circle of personal WeChat to send friends, and the company's WeChat circle of friends, each natural day can display the content published by 3 members, each natural month shows up to 4 companies published by 4 companies, to avoid over -marketing of the enterprise from disturbing the over -marketing of the enterprise. client.

  2. WeChat group has a maximum of 500 people. Because of the harassment brought by the malicious account to the group, more than 100 WeChat groups are mainly targeted at WeChat users who have passed real -name verification. Once the group has more than 40 people, the invitation to enter the group requires the other party to agree. If there are more than 100 people, the other party will then the other party. You need to pass real -name verification to accept invitations.
    WeChat group precautions
    It can be certified by binding bank cards. If you want to build a group with more than 500 people, it is not allowed in the current WeChat version. Instead, when the WeChat group exceeds 200 people, the group QR code is invalid. The members of the group or the owner must be pulled one by one, so it is generally suitable for everyone to control the number of groups in the range of 200.
    Because the WeChat group is different from the QQ group, the QQ group is centralized, with group owners and administrators, and WeChat group is decentralized. Everyone can pull people in. Therefore, for the group owners In terms of difficulty, WeChat groups are much higher than QQ groups. Some 500 people, 500 people are the limit of the number of owners.

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